A.I. Artwork on WoW characters.

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A.I. Artwork on WoW characters.

Unread post by Kalasta »

Yeah I know, AI artwork is controversial atm with how fast they render stuff, while potentially taking originality away from actual artists.
With that said, I would never do artist wrong that way...hell I've had several different artists doing commission work on my characters before...some of which has been posted here.
I was just curious to see how some of my characters looks would look with a anime rendering. Case in point the 2D anime rendering from the AI app called "AI Mirror."
Thoughts on these? Because one thing I'm noticing quickly is, how iffy some of these programs are with characters and actual people with darker skin tomes...not cool at times...
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Re: A.I. Artwork on WoW characters.

Unread post by Talihawk »

AI artwork is derived from stolen / scrapped art from artists who never got a say in weather or not their art was included. AI art is destroying my and other artist's industry and livelihoods. It is making the work of REAL artists become undervalued and overlooked due to the sheer volume that AI systems can flood out.

I know it's fun and exciting to 'create' imagery, but please, if you must do it, keep it on your personal websites or twitter.
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Re: A.I. Artwork on WoW characters.

Unread post by Bowno »

Yeah, not a fan at all of AI artwork because it has to be "trained" off of someone's artwork.
No credit goes to the artist at all.
I'm going to keep it short and sweet with that, as Talihawk already covered some very good points as well and I know this thread was not created to really promote AI or anything. I dont feel the need to go for the the throat here xD

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