The story of the Frost Wolf Ghost Pup

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The story of the Frost Wolf Ghost Pup

Unread post by GAJones4221 » Sat Nov 12, 2016 8:38 pm

Before I go into this, this is completely fan fiction written by me.

A long time ago, when the drums of war first sounded rung by no other then Garrosh, the Iron Horde slowly established their foothold amongst the Horde. Amongst establishing this foothold with the horde they were short on supplies. This is where our journey begins.

Their armor was made, that was not to be worried about, their weapons as well, but they lacked in forms of transportation, with the Kor'Kron having not been moved for quite some time from where they came they lacked the ability to travel fast, frostwolves would not do. They had to make the journey to gather what wolfs they saw fit for what Garrosh saw as his elite warriors.

Before heading to Orgrimmar where Garrosh would reside, they needed to gather wolves, they wanted wolves they were familiar with, they knew where to find them. They traveled to the den, and they were able to take the wolves by force with chains, breaking their will. Amongst the various dens was a small pup, the Kor'Kron warriors could not decide whether Garrosh would show this young one mercy, the hunter that had been brought with said they could come back for it. That they would not use this one for the Iron Horde's war efforts.

The hunter telling the wolf to be good and patting it while giving it what small scraps of smoked jerky he had telling it to stay there, that he would be back for it.

While traveling, the hunter which had helped the orcs get the wolves to obey their commands did not survive. He went back at night to retrieve the pup, but to his demise he was unable to see as a blizzard slowly started, he was unable to see and he had not been traveling with his bag to provide warmth. His sleeping bag had been left with the orcs at the encampment, but he was determined to find the pup knowing that without its mother it would likely not survive long.

The hunter failed to find the wolf in the flurry of the blizzard, try as he might he didn't give up, he did not curl up under a rock or try to hide amongst the gale force wind of the blizzard. He searched until he was out of energy and was too cold to move further. He fell to his knees exhausted, thinking he would recover, he passed away that night, the cold was too much to bare.

The wolf pup did not make it. She too passed away in the blizzard that took them both, the bond of a hunter does not stop there though, the stories of spirit beasts are true. The hunters have passed these stories down, telling them to aspiring young hunters in awe, this hunter was not forgotten, nor was his noble deed he set out to do. One of the Kor'Kron knew he was going back, he told the story to those he knew, not knowing what to do. The story did not stop there, it was told again and again, they both fought a brave battle that night amongst a storm that was greater than them both, but not greater than the spirit bond between a hunter and his pet.

The mother wolf yearned for her baby and knew something was wrong, the archeologist of the horde were determined to find out whether this legendary hunter that was rumored was real, they set out to find his remains, they did not find his remains, but they found the burial spot of the baby frost pup noticeable by a small out of place rock at a odd angle in the ground the Kor'kron orc had tried to swiftly bury the young pup before the other orcs noticed he was missing, they too knew the path that had been traveled and would go looking upon discovering he was missing, the archeologist s dug up the grave, not looking to move it, but to find something proving that this was not just a fabled story, they found the bones of the pup that the Kor'Kron orc had quickly buried trying to hide it before the other orcs would come looking. They were able to determine that this was a genuine story, the orc had remembered finding the hunter while going back to the den attempting to locate the hunter he discovered the body of the hunter , in a panic to save the young pup when discovering the hunter was missing he had ran to the den trying to find the pup,thinking that there was a chance it could be saved . The Kor'kron warrior was unable to recall where he had seen the hunter due to the panic afterward of initially finding the corpse, he was going back after seeing the remains of the hunter to get the young pup thinking he could at least save one of them after he saw what had happened to the hunter.

The baby pup that came that night to it's mother, it's spirit having been re awakened by the digging of the grave, in spirit the young pup started barking and nudging the mother, not being able to smell her pup it took her a moment to figure out this was her baby. She refused to take orders from the Kor'Kron until she was abused and left for dead by Garrosh's warriors beaten brutally for disobeying , a new hunter found her and helped her recover, she would not listen, barking in an attempt to communicate, but how? She was able to make him understand through the bond that only a hunter and his companion have. She lead him back to the den where her pup and mate once resided. A happy, ghostly looking pup sitting there almost looking like it was smiling, it was almost as if he could touch it, he could summon it, the pup followed them. The mother wolf now being more obedient and at peace, the pup visiting from time to time, they were able to be together once again. Re united, a bond that stood the test of time.

Through research amongst the horde warriors this new hunter was able to find the warrior who had told the tales, he asked him to show him where the mate had gone,the male wolf had become a mount for the Kor'kron warriors, he was able to earn this wolf by proving himself in battle time and time again. The family finally re united after some time spent showing Garrosh that he was worthy of what he called the "Vicious War Wolf", but re-united once again, he left the two at the stables overnight unsaddling the wolf, it finally being able to relax, that night, a new life came into Azeroth, a new pup was born quite a bit of time later. A new one, this pup was raised by the hunter, and is still a growing infant that loves to tag along in any adventures it can, sometimes getting into trouble , tearing stuff up but nonetheless a pup with much talent to be harnessed and refined. After all, his parents were getting old, the hunter wanted to keep them, he helped raise the pup and they were able to spend time together as a family,still growing, still learning to this day.

An author's note, I made this story as I myself needed closure even if it was just to me, I wanted to be able to say something happened, this is more than just a sentence of flavor text, this wolf pup had a story, and I needed to bring it to life, as a role-player and writer myself, reading the flavor text brought with it allot of pain, I don't just consider this a death of a wolf pup, it was a honorable death fitting of a hero, she waited, she did not survive but she remained obedient, waiting for the first hunter to come back.

If you have any edits that you could make this story better I'd love to hear what you have to say, I realize this is a very brief short story, but it's one I found closure to this flavor text in.

This is my flavor text, this is the story of the wolf that died patiently waiting for the hunter to come back and get her (to me).

Actually going to add a little bit more to this, The Kor'Kron do have a wolf, but it is not the vicious war wolf, I think garrosh's warriors may have had different wolves then the vicious war wolf that is obtainable through winning RBG's or 3's arena, however this is just for story purposes.

Also if any of you are interested, none of the wolves I've looked at have the exact same grey or silver color pattern as the vicious war wolf, so the parents wouldn't have looked identical if your going off the in game models.

There is also a alive version of the Frostwolf Ghost pup just named "Frostwolf Pup" which is why i said the grey and silver models I've looked at that came with the pups model (the same time the new models were added for the hunter pet and mini pet alike) are different colors, I could show you pictures but it's very simple to just look them up.

I didn't want to give the race of the first hunter as I didn't want to shine down on any race as a bad hunter, when writing this however the hunter I thought of was a troll, they seem to me like they would have a better way with beasts, also tauren came across, and orcs as well, but troll just seemed most fitting, the troll to me was a hero. And on that note I will say if you've read this far thank you for taking the time to read through all of this, writing this story gave me closure when it hurted to read what little flavor text to go off for the Frostwolf Ghostpup and I felt as though it deserved a story.

Thanks for reading


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