Reflective Armor Plating, useless?

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Reflective Armor Plating, useless?

Unread post by Tsaikojen » Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:12 pm

Some pet abilities can be gimmicky, but with some purpose. With Direhorns being newly added and requiring special conditions to tame I'd like to think they'd have an ability that is actually worth using. Haven't played around with one, but some problems I'm predicting are:

Channeled - Will be canceled the moment a Kill Command is used OR will cause its DPS to stop.
Cooldown - To get any use from this ability at all you'd need precise timing. A 6 second window and 30 second cooldown sounds pretty unforgiving.
Spells Effected - What spells aren't effected by this ability?

For anyone who has used them, is there a combat situation you'd find useful for a channeled, frontal spell deflect? It sounds like a hunter could possibly solo some older raid content with Direhorns, but that would only work if uncommon spells were effected. I saw the new deminished sizes of tamed Direhorns, so they've lost -10% visual coolness IMO.

I'll most likely tame one anyway, but I'll never use it.


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Re: Reflective Armor Plating, useless?

Unread post by Kalliope » Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:20 pm

There's already a thread discussing RAP; my own reply to this subject is here: ... 67#p416767

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