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Unread postPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 9:51 am 
Artisan Hunter
Artisan Hunter
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ok since some might of seen my call for a BM huntard (i mean it as a joke if you wanna take it as a insult im sorry in advance) ANYWAYS im a nab huntard you see :3 i name my pets after players which we have came to notice ... isnt the best idea >.< as the healers dont set up grid or whatever frames they use to have another color for my pets so for example when i had a sporebat named yuuhi ... they would be healing my pet -.- as yuuhi is one of our tanks names x3
so to save anymore silly lil mistakes i thought i makes it easy again though i will miss people scrolling over my pet to tell me it has a gearscore xD
so for BM i will plan to use Gondira and Loque nahak also teh black devilsawrus! i will hopefully tame him twice if not another colour :)
yes you read correct!
as for some fights as a BM my pet wont live so long even with healers healing them so ill sometimes need 'heart of the phonix' so double tames ftw? i have the 2 spirit beasts so they are out of the way :3

anyways! names!
atm gondira is called katsuro-pala healer- my nab boyfriend xD
loque is my EX GM azus even though he thinks i hate him >.>
i think i might keep those names the same, if forced to changed i would rather use their IRL names :( those boys mean the world to me

so for my 2 black devilsurs! i need 2 names that will suit them so any hints or tips :3
even normal names like fred, bob, perdo would be fine i just want something that would suit them

erm winner gets a pic? teehee :B


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Unread postPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2010 1:23 pm 
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I recommend getting a couple Certificates of Ownership and altering the names of pets that are named after players. It will make things a little less awkward for you and make the pets more your own.

Since the certificates have a 7 day cool down, it would take a while, but I think would be better in the long run.

If you are really planning to use two devilsaurs as stand-ins for each other, I would name them the same name. I had a black one for a while named "Walnut"...reference to the movie Up and Away...I like that name for a devilsaur! Or, I've thought "Tyrannus" would be a nice name for one. Sounds big and fierce!

For Gondria and said you were feeling uneasy about naming them after other players. So, change the names. It'll be less awkward and make them more your own. Just go with a name that feels right but isn't another player.

You said Loque is named "Azus" right now, which is your friend's (ex-friend?) name. Maybe something descriptive with the same "feel" to it, like "Azule" or "Azure" which both mean blue and might suit Loque. There's also "Aziz" which means "powerful" in Arabic.

You said your Gondria is currently named Katsuro, which you said is your boyfriends name. Its a good name. I looked it up and apparently it means "victorious son" in Japanese. So, I don't know if it's the sound of the name or it's meaning you thoughts. If it is the sound, how about "Katsuo" which sounds a lot like Katsuro and means the same thing? Other nice names that mean "victory" are "Jaya" "Jayashri" and "Nicodemus". Of course there are more, but at a glance those seems like good Gondria names to me.

Good luck and you will work it out somehow, I'm sure.
PS I really enjoy the art you post! Keep at it, you've got talent. :)



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