Hunched Cats, Sabre Cats, All Cats! {Now With More Puns!}

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Hunched Cats, Sabre Cats, All Cats! {Now With More Puns!}

Unread post by Cynarea » Fri Jan 01, 2016 6:05 am

Hi! I'm Cynarea. I'd like to shed some knowledge about cats! There's a few different cat types and some people might need help finding out what's different about each one! Please don't leave catty hate comments about this, because after all no thread is purrfect. Hopefully you find my puns amewsing and I also hope that I made you laugh with these catastrophic puns and I hope you're all feline well because these puns can hurt. Now I'm being furreal meow these puns are pawful so I'll stop. Let the reading of information commence!

Sabre Cats

Sabre Cats have longer teeth, hence why they are called Sabre Cats. They have extra fluff on the sides of their face giving them a fluffy appearance. They're mouths are almost always open and are great companions for those who like tough pets with a soft spot. Literally.


Lynxes are cats similar to the Lioness model except with a back-mane. They come in two colors, Red and Brown. They have sharp tails and white underbellies. Not a lot of these cats can be seen with a hunter because of their oldish and not-so-current models. Adopt a Lynx now!


Lions have large bushy manes around them, while most of them are very similar aside from color, Sambas shares a model with the Golden King mount which is a guild mount for alliance. The horde version is a scorpion, I believe. Sambas has a higher detail, regal look to him opposed to the other models. The Lioness' are basically cats with a brown-ish tan-ish kind of color and darker manes than the brown cat model. There is a special Lioness called Tabbs. She is a Metallic, Hunched cat with glowing red eyes.

Hunched Cats

Hunched cats are normal cats that have an arch in their back almost as if they are kneeling. Since most of the Hunched Cats come with glowey red eyes, you get a very angry kitty that still holds a place in your heart. Now, you may be looking at the models and wondering. "Hey, there's a hunched Lioness here! Why isn't she a Lion?" Well, that's because Pogeyan (hopefully the one you're talking about) is using the brown CAT model. Though she is very similar to Tabbs she is lighter in color. Here's a tip: Turn up your Particles setting in System Graphics. Their eyes will glow even more red!

Grand Tigers

Grand Tigers are Grand Tigers. They are beautiful in my opinion and look a lot more current than our old ones. These tigers can be found all across Pandaria and certain areas in Draenor. There are many different colors you can get them in, I personally like to call them flavours. It makes for an interesting conversation. "My what tiger? She's not a dessert!"

Sub Species?

Metallic Cats

Metallic Cats are cats who have a shiny and metallic tinge to them. Now I don't know if this is true: All hunched cats have a metallic coat (with few exceptions)

Gem Cats

Gem Cats are cats who look like they're made out of gems. Currently there are two. Skarr and Jade Guardian. These cats appear to be hunched and have red glowing eyes.

To Do List
  • Add Images
  • Add more information. ✔
  • Make sure information is correct. ☐
  • Update come Legion. ☐
  • Make it look neater and format it better.✔
  • Learn how to count. ☐
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Re: Hunched Cats, Sabre Cats, All Cats! {Now With More Puns!

Unread post by WhyNotCats909 » Mon Apr 25, 2016 6:49 pm

"Sabre Cats" are also called Riding Cats, due to using the same model as the Night Elf mounts/Swift Zulian Tiger/Panther. They don't have armor. Also, there are quite a few of said mounts that have no tameable Sabre Cat equivalent:
  • Striped Dawnsaber
    Swift Stormsaber (Nothing comes even close to looking like this guy.)
    Swift Mistsaber (Riiight in the middle. No cats are gray, apparently.)
    Swift Frostsaber
    Black War Tiger (white underbelly, does not match Panther skin)
    Swift Moonsaber
    Darnassian Nightsaber (too light to match the Panther skin)
Obviously, some of the Sabre skins don't have any matching mounts (Aqua Tiger, Dreadsaber, Ice Lioness, Frostsaber (surprisingly))

The Brown Lynxes have crazy eyes. Gonna put that out there.

Why IS Tabbs a lioness and not a Hunched cat? She's hunched, shiny, and red-eyed, Lioness skin (and skin name) or not.

ALL the Hunched cats are shiny. Confirmation: I've caught 'em all.

There are a few additional, unused colors of Gem cats. Sapphire Cub and Zipao Tiger, two battle pets, use some of the ones that can't be tamed. There's also White (Diamond/Quartz), Red (Ruby), and Turquoise. If I recall, there SHOULD be an Amber/Topaz one?
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Re: Hunched Cats, Sabre Cats, All Cats! {Now With More Puns!

Unread post by sergpus » Sun May 22, 2016 9:28 am

Nice tutorial :)
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