So I finally played around with melee Survival Hunter

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So I finally played around with melee Survival Hunter

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For the past two weeks, for some reason, I was able to gain Mythic lvl+ Polearms. I didn't set my loot spec to Survival, but I think the game was mocking me not getting a single bow/gun drop for the past 2 weeks as an upgrade. So, just to pull my weight, I decided to learn Survival, why not.

What I found is, I love the harpoon, I love the big crits, the small DoT crits, and being able to see the impact I'm having up close. I heard that Survival's AOE damage is poor but so far, I'm definitely pulling off bigger burst numbers than my BM spec. It's also infinitely more fun. Bombs, cleave, bleeds, poison, more bombs, three different gap closers, I just find it so much more engaging it's not even funny. Beast Cleave is a two button setup and even tho I have to work so much harder to pull off all the things I need to do for Survival AOE, it feels rewarding and I love having my pseudo charges even though I'm so laughably squishy.

In contrast tho, my gawd Single target is boring. It's somehow more boring than BM's. There's so much downtime I thought I was doing something wrong but nope, I got the raid optimal talent build, I even used a priority helper while I'm learning. I'm honestly surprised how much of a difference activity-wise it is between the AOE rotation/buttons and ST.

So I might request my guild let me AOE as Surv, while ST as BM.
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