Vulpera all customization for MALE / FEMALE.

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Re: Vulpera all customization for MALE / FEMALE.

#21 Unread post by Valnaaros » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:34 am

The Draenei had lore, but it was heavily retconned with TBC. True, the Lightforged and VEs weren't a thing, but they still had lore backing them. The Lightforged share their origin with normal Draenei (up until they separated), and the lore of BEs/HEs is the background of VEs. I agree that there is nothing wrong with trying something new, and they should. But those that have established lore, culture, structure, presence, and player demand should be chosen over those that don't. Whilst I love the Lightforged and VEs, I honestly would've preferred Vrykul and Broken. Both of those have a ton of lore, have culture, have a presence in both old and recent content, and have been one of the top requests to be playable for a long time. The old Broken model can already equip player gear and has the vast majority of animations required for a playable race. It really just needs to have its textures updated and to have a female model made. The Vrykul can also equip player armor and have many animations. If Blizz is willing to take the Nightborne and Zandalari, give them full animations, make them compatible with player armor, and even give them a new model, then they could've done the same for Vrykul and Broken.

I wouldn't say that it gets retconned every xpac. It may get explained further or expanded upon, but retcons don't happen nearly as often as some think. Blizz has made great efforts with the Chronicle series to make the lore more concrete. Besides, WoW is built off of lore. We don't have lore, then we don't have a world to work with. If you don't care about the lore, then that is your choice, but it doesn't mean that the lore shouldn't be an important factor to Blizz.

I completely agree. There hasn't been anything indicating that Vulpera will become playable.

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Re: Vulpera all customization for MALE / FEMALE.

#22 Unread post by Silivren » Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:46 am

Jurz wrote:As stated before, the draenai had zero lore when they were made playable. I remember being so confused because I was just a kid playing WoW at the time, but it was so crazy to me that they threw space goats into the mix randomly. Also, lightforged draenai weren't a thing until relatively recently. Void elves were barely introduced before becoming a playable race. While having a connection to a race through the lore is nice, it's definitely not a requirement when blizzard decides what races to make playable. Draenai were plenty popular without having any lore, and VEs are pretty popular too. Not sure why Vulpera get quite as much hate as they do. No race DESERVES to be playable, especially when it comes to allied races. It's about what can work with armor and mounts without spending months building a skeleton and model from the ground up. Sure, there are some races that could work, but if I were an artist I sure as hell would wanna try something new once in awhile. Or maybe they have actual reasons for not making certain races playable.

Also, why is having lore such a big deal when WoW lore gets retconed every expansion? I find the general personality of the race to be far more important than their past.

Lastly, nothing has even been confirmed...
This honestly, no race DESERVES to be made playable. You should be thankful they're even giving more options. Also they haven't been confirmed yet, but people(not you Jurz)need to stop getting so worked up in case they are made playable. They are putting a suspicious amount of work into what amounts to npc models on one faction. If they were made playable and you dont like it just don't play one, as for lore they are a relevant part of this coming expansion and will get lore/story.


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