Alpha Spoilers: Shadowlands Intro Playthrough with SoulSoBreezy

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Alpha Spoilers: Shadowlands Intro Playthrough with SoulSoBreezy

Unread post by Arwyn » Thu Jun 25, 2020 9:29 pm

A one hour and twelve minute video by SoulSoBreezy of him going through the Shadowland Intro with some minor swearing. He is playing on his Horde character so he isn't sure if the Intro will be the same or different for Alliance players.

The pros: Get to see who will be working with in the Maw when first entering the Shadowlands. May or may not remind you of past intros, like WoD and Legion, where we heroically charge in blind and everything goes south from there.

The cons: May not be impressed with his audio.

Enjoy the video. If another Youtuber makes a more in-depth video I'll add it to this one. And things change through Alpha and Beta so the intro will probably change down the road.

Shadowlands Intro Experience Full Playthrough with Reactions by SoulSoBreezy


Wowhead has the text of the Intro available for reading and a much shorter video of the Intro if you don't have the time to watch SoulSoBreezy's video:

WoWHead Shadowlands Alpha-Intro Questline Playthrough

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