Appropriate Content

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Appropriate Content

Unread post by Mania » Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:53 pm

This community is intended as a polite and friendly forum for discussion about WoW hunter pets. Like all communities, though, once we get to know each other we like to chat about all sorts of things. And that's great! ... for the most part. ;)

But we do have a few simple guidelines about what is appropriate to post here and what isn't.

Stay on Topic
For most of the areas here, appropriate content is defined by the purpose of the area. For example: Anything you post in Pet Discussion should involve the discussion of WoW hunter pets. A post in Avatars & Signatures should be about an avatar or a signature - or both. Posts that don't match the area they were posted in will be moved.

Never Allowed
Some types of content are never appropriate for this community. Pornography - the portrayal of explicit sexual subject matter for the purposes of sexual excitement and erotic satisfaction - is not allowed here in either written or image form. Neither is hate speech - speech intended to degrade, intimidate, incite violence, or flagrantly offend.

Borderline Content
Some types of content are allowed but should be handled carefully. Remember: the goal is not to say something is good or bad; the goal is to respect other members of the community by giving them enough information to make an accurate decision about whether or not they want to read/view the post.

For example:
  • Non-pornographic nude images
  • Images of gore, blood, feces, bodily functions, etc.
  • Emotionally disturbing images: abused animals, abused children, etc.
  • Images that could be considered as in bad taste (i.e. toilet humor)
In these cases, please:
  • Have a good reason for posting it.
  • Link or attach the image rather than embedding it in the post.
  • Provide enough description in the post that viewers can make a decision about viewing the image.
The same basic thing goes for linked videos: Provide enough of a description that the viewer knows what they are getting into before they click.

For example:
  • Explicit discussions of mature topics such as sexual health
  • Jokes and stories that could be considered as in bad taste (i.e. toilet humor)
In these cases, please:
  • Have a good reason for posting it.
  • Tag the thread subject (see below).
  • Provide enough description at the beginning of the post that viewers can make a decision about reading it.
It's often helpful to use a tag in the subject line of your thread to let people know what kind of content they might find inside. This generally isn't required, but if a moderator thinks its useful they might add a tag for you.

Some useful tags you may want to keep in mind:

[NSFW] Not Safe For Work - This is a good general-purpose tag to use when you can imagine that someone might not want their boss to see an image on their screen as they walk by. Remember that many workplaces may be more conservative than yours! Example: Fan art with a half-dressed and suggestively-posed cartoon hunter is not inappropriate and but could get someone in trouble. So throw a [NSFW] tag in the subject line and let them know to wait until they are home to check it out.

[graphic] OR [explicit] - These tags tell readers that the thread contains graphic or explicit descriptions of topics that are often considered mature or otherwise not for general consumption, such as discussions of injuries or sexual health.

[image heavy] - This one has nothing to do with appropriateness, but is often useful to tag a thread with a lot of large pictures, especially in areas that don't usually have lots of large pictures.

Feel free to use any other tags that seem helpful for your content. Remember: the goal with tags is to let people know what they are clicking on!

Need Help?

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine where a post falls. If you aren't certain whether or not something is appropriate, or if you need with linking a picture, send me a PM! I will be more than happy to help.