Ukrainian WoW Artbook (fanmade)

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Ukrainian WoW Artbook (fanmade)

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Hi everyone!
I'm here to share with you a lil spoiler of my artwork and tell about our Ukrainian charitable project. It's a fan-made artbook with artworks and stories we're creating to cheer WoW community and help our people. I am an author of Malygos and Sindragosa art and a sketch page of beasts of Azeroth (hope you'll like it 🥹 ). There will be a physical addition of Artbook and some merch like cards, stickerpacks and pins with our logo (Hippogriff)
Here you can find more info about our project, more spoilers of other artists and artworks and tell out coordinators if you interested to have our artbook. Thank you for attention <3
More spoilers from another artists here: ... aft/499390

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Re: Ukrainian WoW Artbook (fanmade)

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Wow! Looks great :D
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