Hunter Macro/Pet Ability Management

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Hunter Macro/Pet Ability Management

Unread post by Grabes »

I can not find it anywhere, on how to macro a pet's ability to activate. i'd especially like it to be on a timer if that is even possible on classic. The reason being that it doesn't seem that abilities have a 'order of importance'. Screech is on a four second timer of effectivness, but it is instant cast. The pet just spends all of it's TP on screech, and won't save for growl or bite. That is very very annoying.It feels really bad to have what feels like a 'gimped' pet because screech just drains all of his power when it doesn't need to be used. I don't remeber this happening back in the day. So anyone got any ideas that can help? I don't feel like manually clicking screech all the time.
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Re: Hunter Macro/Pet Ability Management

Unread post by listopencil »

Easy peasy. Right click on Screech to take it off of autocast. To make a macro for a pet ability just use /cast followed by the exact name of the ability. I also like to make the macro button look like the normal ability button. To do this choose "?" As the icon and put #showtooltip as the first line of your macro. It should look something like this:

/cast Screech

With ? as the icon.
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Re: Hunter Macro/Pet Ability Management

Unread post by listopencil »

Something I was struggling with last night; I can't seem to write a good one button pet pull macro. I want a button that casts petattack on the first click and petfollow on the second click, and I'd like to be able to alternate between the two.
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Re: Hunter Macro/Pet Ability Management

Unread post by Ellipsi5 »

I'd like to share the way I've got my wind serpent set up. I've made the following macro:
(be sure to include rank number)

Code: Select all

#showtooltip Growl(Rank #)
/cast Growl(Rank #)
/cast [combat] Growl(Rank #)
/petattack [combat]
I have that macro set to mouse wheel up and I have [follow] set to mouse wheel down.
I also have my pet set to Passive, I have Lightning Breath set to auto cast and I have Growl set not to auto cast.

What does this solve? Why do I need this?

I want the first thing my pet does to be growl.
I want to be able to recall and send out my pet at any time.
I don't want my pet to use lightning breath until it has growled.
I want mouse wheel up to cast growl again.

Without that macro:

If I just made a macro that made my pet growl it will get within melee range, growl and begin auto attacking, It will also auto cast lightning breath. It will even cast growl again if I use the macro again during the fight.

So, what's the problem?

The problem is that if I recall my pet after casting growl, I can not send my pet back into combat as growl is now on CD.

With the macro:

The first attack is growl
The pet can be recalled and sent into battle at-will even while Growl is still on CD.
Using the macro again casts growl if available and if the pet has enough focus.
The only time Lightning breath is cast before growl is if I use the macro, get close enough to be considered "in combat", recall my pet and then use the macro again.

I hope this is helpful to someone. I know not everyone uses a wind serpent but it's the only pet in Classic that has a ranged attack.
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