Which pets are we using in Ny'alotha?

Anything related to Hunter pets.
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Which pets are we using in Ny'alotha?

Unread post by jmcnie » Tue Jun 30, 2020 4:41 am

Hi all

Curious which pets you experienced hunters are rolling with for Ny'alotha

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Re: Which pets are we using in Ny'alotha?

Unread post by WerebearGuy » Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:36 pm

Generally, I bring whatever I want. A good raid group already has someone to do Heroism/Bloodlust, and other players who aren't forcing you to carry them will understand the concept of dispelling once in a blue moon. This is how it should be, I say. I personally use the following in each form of content when I go try-hard though;

Raid (Progression/Try-hard): Spirit Beast for the heal, dispel, and endurance
Raid (Group Finder): Anything I want, because it's my choice. Always was.
Mythic+ : Any Ferocity pet for leech and Hero/BL, Spirit Beast backup for dispel mechanics
Open World: Clefthoof because holy mother of god these guys deserve nerfing since they're invincible
PvP: Spirit Beast because of the dispel

Never use a cunning pet though. They're trash, and no amount of people defending them will prove otherwise. In a PvP environment, a cunning pet will die to any player that just yawns in their direction. In real content, they have lackluster survivability and give you nothing of value. You run faster? Woooooow, amazing. You get Master's Call? You're likely already dead if you need to use that. I sound harsh not because I hate cunning, but because I hate that cunning sucks. I love my pterrordax, but I can't use it outside of casual raiding because it is so useless and weak.


Crawgs are the best hunter pet. Prove me wrong.
Oh wait...you can't!

Name the game these characters are from, and I'll be amazed.

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Re: Which pets are we using in Ny'alotha?

Unread post by worgpower » Wed Jul 01, 2020 1:49 am

I agree with you werebearguy, I have a bunch of cool pets, and many of my favorite looking pets are cunning, and cunning is much weaker than ferocity in terms of health and DPS, and they don’t have that much utility, I always have to end up using them as a 2nd pet in animal companion, I hope blizz can make them better in shadowlands

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