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by Runethia
Thu Apr 09, 2020 4:04 pm
Forum: Shadowlands
Topic: Shadowlands Alpha/Beta Beast Thread
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Re: Shadowlands Alpha/Beta Beast Thread

MothArdenweald I'm not usually a bug person, let alone thinking one is adorable, but... that is the cutest moth I have ever seen and I need it in my stables. The antennae almost look like floppy bunny ears. ♥
by Runethia
Tue Feb 04, 2020 6:00 pm
Forum: Battle for Azeroth
Topic: 8.3 Taming List
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Re: 8.3 Taming List

The Voidgorged stalker in Mac'Aree that uses the same model is also tameable.
by Runethia
Sat Dec 08, 2018 3:19 pm
Forum: Pet Discussion
Topic: Older content pet tame wishlist
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Re: Older content pet tame wishlist

I've been staring at Thunderhorn in Stormheim for quite a while wishing I could tame it. Even if the lightning effects from the horns are gone, it would be nice to have the light tan musk ox skin available. Although I'd still really like to have the lightning effect pretty please Blizzard. totally n...
by Runethia
Sun Mar 26, 2017 6:50 pm
Forum: WoW General
Topic: Orange faerie dragon
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Re: Orange faerie dragon

Do we know if this skin/model has been incorporated anywhere in the 7.2 update? Like a new pet? I tried looking at other websites and no one even seems to know it exists. :c
by Runethia
Fri Mar 21, 2014 4:44 pm
Forum: Name That Pet
Topic: Help with an Owl name
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Re: Help with an Owl name

Thanks for all the suggestions; my favorites are Ganesha, Ashkenaz, and Aviur. Ganesha fits really well despite not having a direct fire connotation, and it's aesthetically pleasing to read. I like Ashkenaz because not only does it fit the fire theme, it fits really well with another pet that I have...
by Runethia
Thu Mar 20, 2014 9:52 pm
Forum: Name That Pet
Topic: Help with an Owl name
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Help with an Owl name

Hello all! I really need your help in coming up with ideas for an owl. Usually I'm fairly okay with coming up with something ... but this owl is leaving me stumped, and I hate staring at the words "bird of prey". I was originally leaning toward some sort of sunset-themed name for him, or maybe somet...
by Runethia
Thu May 30, 2013 1:36 pm
Forum: Outfits & Transmogrification
Topic: LF Black hunter mog
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Re: LF Black hunter mog

Probably not "evil" enough, and the set might be a hard to get since a lot comes from 10N Ulduar, but I tried. Apologies for the poor quality; my computer is crud. x_X Helm: Fiery Beholder Eye Cloak: Indefatigable Greatcloak Shoulders: Mantle Of Fiery Vengeance Chest: ...
by Runethia
Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:15 am
Forum: Patch 5.2
Topic: 5.2 Fainting Couch Thread
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Re: 5.2 Fainting Couch Thread

"Dire Horns have been added as a tameable species for Hunters that have learned the required skill. Aspiring Dire Horn owners should seek out clues regarding these auspicious beasts." I really hope it's the triceratops. Please be the triceratops. Forget it, I don't want a new spirit beast anymore. ...
by Runethia
Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:14 am
Forum: Show & Tell
Topic: Challenging Tames of Azeroth
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Re: Challenging Tames of Azeroth

I have two, but they are fairly long. Sorry, I like to write. :x Muninn [Ban'thalos] - Was about to start the Firelands dailies on my hunter when NPC scan goes off and alerts me to Ban's presence. I hadn't really cared much for the model itself since the whole "shiny wings that leave trails EVERYWHE...
by Runethia
Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:32 pm
Forum: Pet Discussion
Topic: Heart of the Phoenix issue?
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Re: Heart of the Phoenix issue?

When I'm in BM, my pets tank fine regardless of what spec they're in, but when I'm in MM there's only so much damage they can take, even as tenacity. I have no idea why this would be the case for your Quilen though, since you have to be BM to use those anyway... O.o
by Runethia
Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:08 pm
Forum: Patch 5.1
Topic: Patch 5.1 Speculation thread
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Re: Patch 5.1 Speculation thread

A panda bear! Seriously. We have a whole expansion centered around asian culture and not one panda bear to be tamed? :( I'd also like a pet yeti, but that's probably not going to happen since they're classified as humanoids, and if they make any new families available it would probably be something ...