Your Boss Fight

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Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Lupis » Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:45 pm

I got this idea from the Cult of the Forgotten website, so all credit goes to them! (They're a dark/evil RP guild on Wyrmrest Accord.)

What would your character be like if he or she was a raid boss? Where would they be, what would they say on aggro? What stages would they have? What attacks? How would you slay this boss? What would they drop?
Note that these can be pretty long! They take quite a bit of thought. However, they can be fun to write out and think about.

Now, mine is a very long, very in-depth example. You do NOT need to make it this ridiculously long! xD I'm pretty sure this boss has more attacks than any in the game. I had way too much fun writing this... Don't be scared off by it. Yours can have one stage and three attacks, I don't care!

Things to write...

1. Name and Title
2. Location. As in, zone, specific dungeon/area.
3. Locations specifics. What's the boss room like? How is the boss standing? Are there any other NPCs in the room?
4. Appearance. It can be as simple as "Red-headed female blood elf" to a long, in-depth description.
5. Stages. List the time or % health is lasts, and how the fight works. Name attacks that the boss uses - you can define these attacks after you have all the stages laid down.
6. Attacks. List them and tell what they do. You don't need damage specifics - just "Low" "Medium" "High" or "Cloth/leather/mail/plate killer". Also tell what the CD is and which stage it's used on.
7. Quotes. On aggro, on stage change, on specific attacks, etc.
8. (Optional) Loots. You don't need to be specific, just "Leather caster" "Plate healer" etc. Does your character have items of value on them? These might drop as loot.

Here's my first one, my Tauren Druid. (Note that he's blind.)

High Corruptor Lightfur
<Druid of the Nightmare>

Location: Moonglade, in a cave south of the Stormrage Barrow Dens.
-The area around the cave is dead and tainted, much like Felwood. Nightmare Beasts roam the area, all level 85 Neutral mobs. (So they don't kill the noobies) Inside the cave, there is a narrow hallway leading to a very large dome-like cave. Two level 87 Elite raid-worthy Nightmare Monstrosities stand guard at the end of the cave. They're aggressive mobs.
The cave is dug out of the dirt, with tree roots growing out of the ceiling and walls. All of these roots are corrupted. In the center of the room is a tree, standing as tall as the cave is high. It's twisted and malformed, dark spores falling from it. A small blue spider hangs upside-down from a branch.
Lightfur kneels before the tree, a dark green aura around him.

Appearance: A light grey furred tauren male. He's of normal size, although all of his beast forms are larger than normal. Scars cover his face from his snout to his forehead, crossing his eyes. Said eyes are only sunken eye sockets, and are the same in all forms. Dark spores fall from his form.
Moonkin Form: A dark grey-brown moonkin with a grey belly and a black "hood" of feathers. The trinkets on his body glow green.
Bear Form: A very large tan bear. The druidic markings on his face and shoulders glow a dark green.
Cat Form: A large, strongly built dark brown lion with a tan mane. As with bear form, all markings on him glow green.
Trent Form: A huge blackish grey tree of life. (New Model trent.) His leaves are grey dark, ugly green.

Stage 1: Moonkin Form (100%-75%)
-Stands by the tree and casts spells at the tank. Randomly casts Moonfire at a random target. Uses Starfire, Moonsurge, Wrath, Typhoon, Hurricane and Enveloping Winds. Enveloping Winds is always cast on one of the healers but can be dispelled. Hurricane MUST be avoided. Will occasionally cast Thorns on self, in which time all melee DPS must stop.
-Casts Call Nightmare at 75%.

Stage 2: Bear Form (75%-50%)
-Attacks the tank. Sometimes charges a random RDPS or Healer and must be taunted off. Stacks Grievous Wound on the tank and must be juggled between Off Tank and Main Tank. Sometimes casts Swipe, damaging all melee-range raid members.
-Ferocious Regeneration at 60%, bumping back to 75% in 5 seconds if not removed.
-Uses Rabid at 55%, doubling damage done and stacking Grievous Wound more often. DPS race.
-Casts Call Nightmare at 50%.

Stage 3: Cat Form (50%-25%)
-Stealths. Pops up behind random raid members and attacks with high (but not crushing) damage. Heals must heal the victim quickly or they will die. After 2% damage is dealt to Lightfur's health he will vanish and attack the next random raid member. Stops at 30%, leaping to the tank and using Tiger's Fury. Damage is then doubled and he must be nuked to 25%.
-Uses Call Nightmare at 25%.

Stage 4: Trent Form (25%-1%)
-Constantly casts Rejuvenation for 5% health over 20 seconds.
-Periodically casts Regrowth for 2% health and an extra 2% over 10 seconds.
-Casts Deathbloom on the tank, stacking to 3. Must be taunted off and the affected tank must run away from the rest of the group, lest he will deal massive damage to any raid member near him.
-Casts Cursed Tranquility at 5%. All raid members WILL DIE unless he's finished off in 25 seconds. Heals for 1% every 10 seconds.
-Casts Call Dream at 1%.

Stage 5: The Emerald Dream (5 minutes long)
-The raid is teleported to the Emerald Dream and must protect the Spirit of Lightfur
-Nightmare Beasts and Nightmare Monstrosities attack in waves between Spirit fights.
-At 1 minute the Spirit of Lightfur summons Corrupted Spirit Eagle, which is a high damage, low health elite. Must be nuked down.
-At 3 minutes the Spirit of Lightfur summons Corrupted Spirit Lion, which is a medium damage, medium health elite.
-Nightmare Corruptor spawns at 4 minutes, and both dead spirits resurrect as Pure spirits. They help the raid kill the Corruptor. If it's not killed in 1 minute, the raid is teleported back to the cave and Lightfur is restored to 5%. Corruptor has high health but deals relatively small damage, all damage is in AoE form.
-Throughout this stage the tree begins to turn a lighter shade and grow more leaves, looking healthy again.

Call Nightmare stages
-The raid is teleported to the Emerald Nightmare. Nightmare Beasts spawn, along with a single Nightmare Monstrosity. The raid is teleported back to the cave once they are all killed. During the fight, the tree in the center of the area (same as in Lightfur's cave) pulses out mana, restoring 25% of the raid's mana.

Moonfire (moonkin): Deals medium damage over 7 seconds. 16 second cooldown.
Moonsurge (moonkin): High damage instant attack with a 3 second stun. 30 second cooldown.
Starfire (moonkin): High damage long-cast attack with a medium damage AoE. 4 second cast, 20 second cooldown.
Wrath (moonkin): Base attack. Short cast, low damage. 1.5 second cast.
Hurricane (moonkin): Large area AoE, instant cast. Deals crushing damage over 10 seconds to anyone under it.
Enveloping Winds (moonkin): 1 second cast, stuns the target for 10 seconds. Curse, can be dispelled. 20 second cooldown.
Thorns (moonkin): Self-cast instant. Deals large damage to anyone who attacks, lasting 12 seconds.
Grievous Wound (bear): Debuff cast on the tank that causes the tank to take 15% more damage, stacking to 3. Lasts 10 seconds, 8 second cooldown.
Swipe (bear): AoE dealing medium damage to all melee characters in range. 10 second cooldown.
Ferocious Regeneration (bear): Self-heal bumping Lightfur up to 75% health if not removed. Magic.
Rabid (bear): Enrage increasing his damage done by 100%. Grievous Wound cooldown lowered to 5 seconds.
Pounce (cat): Leaps from the shadows onto a random raid member, stunning them for 5 seconds.
Ravage (cat): Used after Pounce, dealing high damage and causing a low damage bleed that lasts 10 seconds.
Tiger's Fury (cat): Doubles damage and increases attack speed.
Rejuvenation (trent): Heals 5% health over 20 seconds, instant.
Regrowth (trent): Heals 2% health and an extra 2% over 10 seconds, 30 second cooldown. 3 second cast.
Deathbloom (trent): Deals low damage to the tank and an additional medium amount of damage over 7 seconds, stacking to three. 6 second cooldown. At 3 stacks, the tank deals high damage to all nearby raid members after 6 seconds.
Cursed Tranquility (trent): Heals for 1% every 10 seconds and deals 4% damage to the raid every second. Instantly kills all raid members at 25 seconds.
Call Dream (trent): Teleports the raid to the Emerald Dream stage.
Call Nightmare (all but trent): Teleports the raid to the Emerald Nightmare stages.
Shed Mana (Nightmare/Dream Tree): Restores 25% raid mana over 5 seconds.

(Monolog): Who is it that I hear, trespassing in my domain? Do you come to kill me? Only in your dreams, fools. And as you will soon learn, I am a master of nightmares.
Aggro: All life obeys me! What hope have you?!
Bear stage: I have born mountains on my shoulders! Your attacks are but the biting of flees!
Rabid: Graaah! Face the fury of the wild!
Cat stage: Try fighting blind as I do! The shadows favor me...
Tiger's Fury: Insects! Dirt under my claws! DIE!
Trent stage: Watch as your triumphs unravel!
Cursed Tranquility: NO! You will NOT succeed! NIGHTMARE, BOW BEFORE ME!
Killing a player: Whither in the Nightmare!
Alt. Killing a player: I grant you freedom!
Wiping the raid: Pathetic! The Nightmare will consume your souls!
Death: Lioness... Meet me.. in the Dream...
Lightfur's Spirit dies: Consumed...
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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Lupis » Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:46 pm

Quotes Continued

Corrupted Spirit Eagle: You will lead the world to chaos, Lightfur! You will become the true ruler of nature!

Corrupted Spirit Lion: Join me, my heart mate! Become forever lost in the Nightmare!

Pure Spirit Eagle: You have done enough, Nightmare! Leave my druid be!


End details
The plants in the cave become purified and the corruption is gone. Lightfur's body lies before the tree. The blue spider stands beside the body. If attacked, the spider will enrage and deal crushing damage to the attacker, then turn neutral again.

Staff of the Sky's Rage
Caster staff
Flavor text: "The staff of a great druid. An inscription on the shaft reads, 'My trust is in you, youngling, to forever follow the Earthmother's cause.'"

The Corruptor's Claws
DPS fist weapon

Feather of the Shadowkin
DPS caster trinket

Dark Bear's Pelt
Tank cloak

Leaf of the Nightmare Trent
Healer trinket

Lightfur's Amulet
Healer necklace
Flavor Text: "A wood carving of an eagle holding a lioness in its wings."

Spiderlord's Reigns
A ground mount. Looks like the blue spider mini pet.
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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Magnakilro » Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:20 pm

hmmm let me try....



Location: Sholazar a large out of the way cave. Lvl 85 beasts of all sorts patrol around it. This area is inaccessible to those below lvl 85. If you try to enter, you will be ported out and Magna will scream "PATHETIC WEAKLING! You dare try to defile my sanctum while looking like THAT!? Come Back when you can actually pose a decent challenge...."

Appearance: An orc that stands a bit taller than a tauren. Armor seems to be colored like an Ironhide Devilsaur. Bow seems to be in the shape of Aotona. Polearm looks like Blue Madexx's stinger.

Stages 1-4: summons a random pet from one of the tameable families. Pets are chosen randomly each week

Magna takes greatly decreased dmg during these phases. They end when the pet is killed.

Stage 5: Ressurects all pets at half their hp. Killing them leaves a stacking debuff on me that increases the damage I take.


Arcane Shot: Fires a medium damage shot at a random ranged target.

Serpent Sting: Leaves a High dmg DoT on a random target. CAN be used on Tank

Multi Shot: Preceded by a Raid warning. Fires multiple arrows in a random direction. High dmg AoE cone attack.

Raptor Strike: Medium damage melee attack on Tank

Kill Command: High damage Pet melee attack

Hunter's Mark: Dispellable debuff that increases the dmg you take.

Mend Pet: Interruptable spell that heals a large portion of the pet's hp

Kill Shot: Insta-kill attack that must be interrupted. Spammed if you try to run away.

Focus Fire: Raises Magna's attack speed by 100%. Dispellable.

Widow Venom: Stacking Mortal Strike style attack cast on tank. Does not use if Devilsaur is active.

Phase 5 abilities:

Bestial Wrath: Enters an enraged state, dealing greater damage.

Freezing Trap: Launches a trap at a random target, freezing them in a destructible ice block. Very high DoT on person frozen.

Explosive Trap: Raid wide AoE DoT that does medium damage. Must be healed thru.

Snake Trap: Summons a group of low hp snakes that do little dmg but leave a stacking DoT that can get deadly.

Camoflauge: Disappears...reappearing on another spot in the battlefield. Automatically begins trying to cast Kill Shot after.

Pets: all pets have the abilities that their family uses...just modified to provide a raid sized challenge.

Exceptions are Beetle and Turtle...who cast their abilities on dispell it...DPS the pet


Upon entering cave (below 85): "PATHETIC WEAKLING! You dare try to defile my sanctum while looking like THAT!? Come Back when you can actually pose a decent challenge...." (teleports that person out of the cave)

Upon entering cave (lvl 85): " have come to challenge the Beastlord eh? BRING IT ON!"


Summon first pet: "BREAK THEIR BONES MY PET!"

Phase 2/Second Pet: "You may have knocked out my first companion...but my next will be more than a match"

Phase 3/3rd pet: "Hmmm...very well done...but how will you handle my next beast?"

Phase 4/Last pet: "Grr this is starting to annoy me. My final pet will rid you from my sanctum!"

Phase 5: "My lifelong''ve killed them all.....YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!"

Mass Pet Rezz: "This is so overpowered....BUT I'M DOIN IT ANYWAY!"


Explosive Trap: "Just TRY to stay out of THIS fire!"

Freezing Trap: "HOLD STILL! I'm trying to shoot you!"



Serpent Sting: "Feel the Serpent's poison!"

Multi Shot: "PEW PEW PEW.....Gotcha...." or ".....I wish I still had Volley....ah well...this'll hafta do!"

Kill Command: "REND THEIR FLESH!"

Mend Pet: "Healing touch of Nature....Mend the wounds of my companion!"

Kills a player: "HA! Right between the baby blues!"


Kills the last player: "HA!....You wiped..."

Death: "My friends.....don't forget me...."

After death, the beasts in the cave let out a mournful cry and run off into the wilderness.


Bow of the Beastlord: Agi dps bow (looks like the one Magna wields)

Yoshisaurus's Fang: 2 handed Str dps sword

Hercules's Carapace: Healing Shield

Akupara's Shell: Tanking Shield

Zeus's Lightning-Charged Fang: Agi dps Dagger

Mojo's "Special Projectile": Str dps trinket

Kitana's Flame Sac: Int dps trinket

Onyx's Talon: Caster dps dagger

Busco's Horn: 1h sword. Str dps

Arbennig's Hide: Agi dps cloak

Klaww's Stinger-tipped Tail: Agi-dps Polearm (looks like the one Magna wields)

Reins of the Emerald Devilsaur: Green Devilsaur mount (100% drop if you leave Devilsaur alive at the end of P5)

Drakeadon's Reins: Drakeadon mount. (ver rare drop no matter what)

Devilsaur Hatchling: Baby devilsaur mini pet. (rare drop)
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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Azunara » Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:48 pm

Alright. Let's do this.

Fight Lore/Pre-Req Quest. It drops at the end of CoS.

There is a scrap of paper floating in the breeze. As you pick it up, you see something written on it. "Help me! My name is Azunara, and I am sending this to let you know the Infinite ambushed us! They have my friend, they're doing horrible things to him. Please, help us!"

1.Kozridormu of the Infinite Dragonflight

2. This is a five-man instance located in the Caverns of Time. It is next to, roughly, where CoS is. Called "Den of the Corrupt."

3. The instance is a fairly short one. The first few rooms is bronze and infinite dragons fighting each other. Obviously, kill the Infinite. The instance is a lot like a Stratholme and Stormwind in layout and looks. It is worn and torn down, obviously, and flames light the buildings.

4. Kozri starts out in his human form. He's dark haired, pale skinned, and wears dark leathers. He has a pair of daggers as his weapon of choice, both of them glow a faint green. In dragon form, he looks like an Infinite dragon.

5. Phase One: (Human form, 100% to 56%.)
To start the fight, you must talk to the druid outside of the room where Kozridormu is. Her name is Azunara <Druid of the Claw>, and after a quick run through with her, all of you will enter. After Azunara and Kozridormu talk, he will aggro.

Phase Two: (Dragon Form, 56% to 12%)
Kozridormu will shift into dragon form, using standard dragon attacks. (Breath weapon, tail swipe, etc.) He will also debuff the group with a curse called, "Woe of the Fallen." Undispellable, it will slowly drain the party member's health. Essentially, it turns this fight into a DPS race.

Phase Three: (Aerial Form, 12% to 0%.)
Much like Onyxia or Malygos, Kozri will take to the air, casting various spells. Woe of the Fallen will be cleansed. He will use Time Scythe, now. There will be a circle placed by Azunara, and if you don't stand in it, you will be insta-killed.

6. Phase One Attacks:
-Sap: Pretty standard rogue sap, really. He will use it on a party member at random.
-Time Bolt: Only applies to ranged. It hits for somewhat weak damage.
-Time Strike: Only applies to melee. It hits for somewhat weak damage.

Phase Two Attacks:
-Woe of the Fallen: A debuff that steals life from the party. It stacks, and the more stacks, the more damage taken.
Swipe: Standard dragon cleave.
Tail Whip: Knockback.
Time Warp: A patch of nasty stuff that stacks. First stack you take damage, second stack, slow and more damage, third, slower and more damage...increases with each stack. Leaving the area will cleanse this effect.

Phase Three Attacks:
-Time Scythe: An attack that will one-shot anyone not in the circle Azunara places.
-Fear: Standard fear. It will always be casted after Time Scythe.
-Distortion: Summons a "Figment of the Past". They can either be beneficial, and heal the group, or malicious, and do a fair amount of damage.

7. Pre-Fight:
Player: "Are you Azunara?"
Azunara: "I couldn't do anything...He sacrificed himself for me, and now they corrupted him..."
Player: *offer the druid the note.*
Azunara: *Azunara nods.* "The Infinite ambushed us. He kept them at bay while I fled, like the coward I am. I have to free him. This is all my fault."
Player: "It's okay, young one. We'll help you."

Azunara and Kozridormu:
Azunara: "Kozri! What have they done to you?"
Kozridormu: "They have shown me the true way, Azu. Come, join me."
Azunara: "Never! You're not're...a monster!"
Kozridormu: "Ah. It pains me to hear you are corrupt."

Kozridormu: "It is clear now. Time...So many mistakes...We must erase the past and rebuild from its ashes!"

Woe of the Fallen: " happening to me? Do it, Azu...End me!"
Time Warp: "Beware! Time itself now stands against you!"
Time Scythe: "Erased!"
Time Scythe (Azunara): "Hurry! Here, nature will protect us from this blast!"

Death of a Player: "What have I done?"
Death of a Player (Alt.): "Weaklings! All of you!"
Azunara's Death: "Azunara! No! What have I become? I will kill you all! Time will soothe these pains!"
Death: "Azunara...please...forgive me..."

8. Loot:

Bronze Scale: Melee DPS trinket
Flavor Text: "According to Azunara, this was used as a communication device."
Essence of Time: Ranged DPS trinket
Cry of the Fallen Soul: Tanky Sword
Claw of the Bronze Dragon: Melee DPS weapon
Dragonfell: Ranged Bow
Bronze Whelpling: (Rare drop, mini pet.)
Azunara's Necklace: (Rare drop, mini pet. Summons a white NE kitty form druid.)
Flavor Text: "It's a silver necklace in the shape of a moon."

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Magnakilro » Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:32 am

Ok I have finished my boss XD hope ya's like it XD
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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Nubhorns » Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:47 am

<Bomb Technician>


??+ Rare Elite, Neutral mob.

Location: Has two spawn points in Azshara. Either pats around The Secret Lab, or is hiding in one of the buildings in the Gallywix Pleasure Palace. Neither location is any different when she's up, but if you are close to her when she is patting you can hear the 'jingle' that chainmail makes on player characters.

Appearance: Unique model. A small, lanky female, with sickly grey-green skin and white eyes. Small horns on her forehead, and a toolbelt full of various engineering items. Oh and freckles. Delicious freckles.

Stages: Veeka is a fairly straightforward fight. She is for the most part a tank n' spank.

80% she begins throwing bombs. This phase lasts throughout the entire fight. The bombs leave a shiny spot on the ground that you should know to move out of.

At 75% engineering bites her in the butt again and lights her on fire - she is immune to outside damage and runs towards random targets. Running into her will light you on fire, causing a fear/immolate effect that is contagious to anyone near you. She can be snared, slowed, dazed and kited for time it takes her to burn down to roughly 60%, after which she becomes a tank and spank once more. She will do this again at 45%.

At 25% she dies. Or...pretends to die. You can't continue beating on her for the 10 seconds she stays on the ground, but you can resume facepunching when she jumps up and begins piecing together an epic bomb! Oh no!

She must be nuked the rest of the way, or the bomb will effectively kill everyone(and leave a nice little crater for everyone to see and laugh at...).


Spanner Gouge: Attempts to shank the target, an arclight spanner? Short cast, low damage, a small bleed DoT that can be effectively ignored. 10 second cooldown.
Bombs!: Throws three bombs at a targeted location on the ground. Bombs do a large amount of damage and stun for 3 seconds, much like player-made bombs. If this appears under you, get out of it. It's not hard to avoid, and is up all the time except during the malfunction phase.
Self-immolation: Engineering-gone-nasty. High damage magic DoT cast on Veeka herself, ticks for approx 15% of total health. Immune to outside damage. Can spread to players.
Feign Death: Play dead. 10 seconds.


Aggro: "Woah! Hi!"
Bombs!: "I hope these actually work...I mean, boom! Hah!"
Malfunction: "Oh no! Oh nooo!"
Lighting another player on fire: "Sorry!"
Death of a player: "Gross!"
Feign Death: "It's over for me! (5 seconds pass) "...what a cruel, cruel world! The agony of life...the you're still here!?"
Death: "What did I ever do to you?"

Delishus Loots:

Dynamite-Poking Stick
(caster staff)

'Rocket' Cloak
(melee dps cloak)
"It has a huge chunk singed out of it."

Goblin Rocket Fuel x10-20

Bow of the Two Queues
(ranged dps bow)
"Just looking at this makes you want to complain."

Tiny Mechanical Warbear
Companion (super small version of the polar bear mount)
"This appears to be a poorly engineered yet well-loved toy. It is a white, wooden bear with carefully carved armor, and the hind legs are facing the wrong way. It moves, if only barely."

Singed Letter
Grey Item, Lore/Vendor Trash
"Addressed to Grollthsra Gnarltooth."

The text inside is as follows:


I hope you are well! I'm writing today to let you know that I miss you sorely. How is your leg holding up? Will they let you come home for a vacation soon?

Sometimes I wonder if moving to Azshara was the greatest idea. I don't know anyone here. Some of the locals are a little unfriendly. I won't worry you with my problems though, you have a war to win!

Be safe.

Your loving mate,

P.S. Aiko misses you almost as much as I do! For your daughter's sake, come home safely!

Ideally I wouldn't have her be a boss at all. Maybe a rare elite tucked somewhere secluded, but she's not boss material on her own. Just a simple engineer.

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Lupis » Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:25 am

These are all awesome. :-D
I'll add in Faron's boss fight soon.
...And I'll add in quotes for Lightfur... Forgot his on death/on killing player/on wiping raid quotes. Du-durrr.
@ Azu- Awww, the quotes are sad...
@ Magna - I love his quotes. Random humor thrown in, with a little sad, it's awesome.
@Nubhorns - Argh, that note at the end is sad.

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Azunara » Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:11 am

Yeah....I felt so bad writing it. Poor, poor, Kozri and Azu. I toyed with him surviving and redemption, but A. that's over-used and B. I'm mean like that.

*hugs the not-hypothetical Kozri, who seems very confused as to why I'm hugging him, then looks around shiftily.* I so wanna do Sol now. >.>;

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Lupis » Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:22 am

I had the same problem with Lightfur. He wasn't an evil character, and having his necklace drop as a loot item hurt. As much as it's unexplained... (It's the necklace he carved to symbolize his becoming mates with Pherala, who is shown here as the Spirit Lion. His spirit animal is an eagle. He made an identical necklace for Pherala, and she still wears it in-game.)
And the staff has lore behind it too. Skyrage was his mentor, and he gave his staff to Light when he died.

Edit - added more quotes.

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Azunara » Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:35 am

Aaaw. Dangit, now I feel all sad. ): That's...such a sad drop item.

I think the hardest part about mine probably had to be the quotes. Getting them right. I could only place so much lore into them, (There's a lot I'd love to do with. How exactly Kozri fell, what happens to Azu...) and I think I did a decent enough job on it. The ones that make me really sad are Azu and Koz's pre-aggro dialogue, and his or Azu's death.

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Lupis » Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:38 am

I'm surprisingly good at making people sad. >.>
Still, it was really fun to write. Evil Lightfur was a newish thought.
Still thinking about what Faron's fight would be like.

Durr, edit again.
I'm thinking of adding a spider-related drop. The blue spider was Light's pet, Chak, who pulled him out of several bad situations. Maybe a mini pet... Or a spider mount..

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Azunara » Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:42 am

Ooooh. Yeah, I approve of either ideas.

I think I'll brainstorm a Sol fight, since I just have Azu and Kozri for WoW characters.

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Nubhorns » Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:35 pm

LupisDarkmoon wrote:@Nubhorns - Argh, that note at the end is sad.
I wish there were more quests/mobs/items that gave you a little peek into the lives of the people you just smacked around for loot. I'm sure those Twilight's Hammer guys have family. :o

On a brighter note, Groll is coming back ICly. The guild his roleplayer was going to transfer to disbanded, so he's coming home with an honorable discharge. :D

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Kira » Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:53 pm

Gah, you guys made me do this ...


Asliasa <The Huntress>
Akiralios <The Shield>
Iocha <The Medic>

Location: Nagrand, on the west side of the lake near Garadar.

They are Neutral until attacked, to both Alliance and Horde.

Outside of a small hut are three Draenei females. One sits near the others, patting her black lion, who occasionally makes little hearts above his head, labelled Soshi. She is obviously a hunter with mail gear, all matching and in dull tones, her hair in a high ponytail with bangs off to the side. Her skin is dark, almost a light black, and her hair bright white while her horns go out to the sides while back and down, and the name Asliasa rests over her head with her title.

In the middle stands a bright blue skinned female with black hair, in pigtails and horns that go back in a gentle wave. She is in plate armour and the brightness of her eyes, as well as a light mist around her feet shows her to be a Death Knight. Her armour is dark in colour with slashes of red on the chest and shoulders. The name Akiralios rests above her head with her title.

The final female is dark skinned as well, with white hair in pigtails and horns which curl back and down. She wears mail in a steel and light blue colour combination, a mace at her right hip and a shield on her back. The totem next to her shows that she is a shaman. She seems to be listening to Akiralios as she talks. The name Iocha is over her head as well as her title.


First stage starts out as an almost simple tank and spank. Asliasa will shoot the tank and trap a random target, seeming to aim for healers the most. Iocha will heal her sisters, but can be interrupted . She will recast her totems if they are killed. Akiralios will act as a sort of tank, casting a large taunt that will cause all to target her.

Second stage is when the sisters become low in health. It is IMPOSSIBLE to kill them in first stage. They will hit 1 hp and remain there. Akiralios will cast her Army of the Dead, and while the ghouls are attacking the trio will be together with Iocha healing them back to full, then using a totem like mana tide to restore all of her mana.

Stage three is the stage in which you may kill the sisters. Asliasa will finally send her pet in to attack, increasing the damage she does by almost double. She will aim to freeze anyone she can and will use a type of multishot but as a cone attack in front of her. She will jump back if melee get too close, so ranged is important. If Soshi dies before she does she will revive him and he will come back enraged, and his attacks can kill a cloth wearer if he is not pulled off immediately.
Akiralios will cast her mass taunt more often, and will use her abilities to lessen the damage she is taking. She may also sacrifice a ghoul if it is not killed within fourty five seconds of her summoning it. She will Not use Army of the Dead, and her ghoul cooldown is a minute and a half After it is killed/absorbed.

Iocha will heal her sisters and herself, placing an earth shield on whichever is the lowest HP, including herself. It is dispellable, but will only be removed in twos and threes. She will use a totem to redirect magic attacks, and it lasts for three spells. It’s on a cooldown and a short life, but will not absorb healing spells. She can also summon totems with elementals, though the totems have a very small health pool.

When Iocha dies her totems will disappear, but her shield will remain on its target, a scream coming from her, echoing as an elementals does. Akiralios will die and become revived as a ghoul, but with a very small health pool and very little attack power. Asliasa, upon death, will let out a sob and fall to the ground while Soshi will enrage if not previously killed.

6. Attacks/Abilities
Basic shot. Low damage until phase three, then medium damage.
Arcane Shot: Medium damage, becomes high damage in phase three.
Serpent Sting: A low damage shot that applies a medium damage dot on the target. Changes to medium and high on phase three.
Multi-shot: Low damage multiple target shot, becomes medium damage in phase three.
Phase three Only:
Bestial Wrath: High damage single target, but will switch if main target dies. Lasts fifteen seconds.
Kill Command: High damage from pet, single target. Has the ability to crit.
Feign Death: If being attacked by pets this will remove them from her. Will also cause targeting on her to be lost.

Claw: Low damage, medium if a crit.
Roar of Courage: Strength and Agility up on all sisters by 700. Dispellable.

Blood Presence: Stamina increased by 8% armor increased by 60%. Passive.
Death Coil: Causes Medium damage.
Death Strike: Causes medium damage and heals Akira for 5% of her health. Will be a cast, and can be interrupted.
Blood Boil: Causes low damage.
Strangulate: Will silence a caster.
Mass Dark Command: Commands everyone to attack her, even pets.
Dancing Rune Weapon: Will copy her attacks, but at half power. Also increases her chance to parry.
Bone Shield: Three charges. Takes 2% less with each charge and each charge is removed after 10k damage is done.

Healing Wave: A small heal that also heals herself for a small amount.
Healing Surge: A medium strength heal.
Greater Healing Wave: A high strength heal, used only if needed.
Riptide: A HOT that is generally put on Asliasa or Soshi, but will be applied to herself or Akiralios as well.
Earth Shield: Placed on the lowest health target, will heal per hit, can be dispelled.
Water Shield: Will regain mana if struck.
Chain Heal: Will heal all three sisters or a combination of them as well as Soshi.
Phase three only: Heroism- Casting speed increased by 30% for all sisters and Soshi.

Before being attacked-
Akiralios : “So I told him that I could take it and he didn’t believe me so he said....”
/emote Iocha seems to be falling asleep as she listens to her sister speak.
Asliasa: “Don’t worry Soshi, we’ll be off again soon.”
/emote Soshi stretches out with a yawn and gives his Mistress a nod before laying down again.

On Aggro-
Akiralios: “Finally! Something to do around here!”
Iocha: “Silly thing to do really, attack a family resting.”
Asliasa: “You attack us near my home? That’s a bad idea.”

Phase two start-
Iocha: “Akira...I can’t take much more..”
Asliasa: “Everything hurts sisters..”
Akiralios: “Darn it...Play with my ghouls!”
After Army of the Dead and heal-
Iocha: “Ahhh, much better! Now, let me get a bit of mana and we can finish this!”
Akiralios: “Bah, the cooldown on that is so Long..”
Asliasa: “C’mon Soshi, let’s get you a snack!”

Character Specific-

Taunt- “What’s the matter? Scared to hit a woman?!”
Strangulate: “Let’s see how well you cast when you can’t breathe!”
Dancing Rune Weapon: “Want to see a neat trick?”

Heroism- “Here sisters, let’s turn the heat up!”
Earth Shield- “Power of the Earth, heal <name here>’s wounds as they are struck!”
Chain Heal- “Can you believe I used to only use this spell?”

Bestial Wrath- “Time to let my real power show!” Soshi roars. “And Soshi’s of course”
Kill Command- “GET’IM!”
Feign Death- “Noooooooo...” Several seconds later. “HA! Gotcha!”

Iocha’s death- “You monsters! She didn’t even harm you!”
Asliasa’s death- “Little sister...Just as I was getting to know you again..”

Akiralios’ death- “No, not again!”
Asliasa’s death- “The oldest shouldn’t bury her younger sister..”

Akiralios’ death- “Searsha! No! I can’t lose you again!”
Iocha’s death- “Iocha! How could you do that to her?!”
Soshi’s death- “You jerks killed my pet! Fine, let’s see how you like it when he comes back to eat your FACE!”

Upon Asliasa’s death there will also be a background scream, one of a male in anger and pain, loud enough for all to hear over the sounds of battle.


Healer bracers, one each mail, cloth and Plate, all from Iocha.

Tanking Ring, Sword or Trinket from Akiralios.

Hunter mail legs, agi trinket and ranged weapon from Asliasa.

Crystalline Tear of Loyalty from Soshi.

Rare drops:

Small blue totem from Iocha. It’s a blue item and has a use that gives you a small blue totem next to you, no matter class.
Flavor text: It seems to be somewhat new, judging by smoothness. There is writing on the bottom but all you can make out is the rough heart scratched into it.

An old Rune of Portals from Akiralios. A grey item with text.
Flavor text: Of no use to a Death Knight, but it seems as though she held it often. An inscription on the back reads: ‘Don’t ever forget who you are Searsha. You’re body may have changed, but your heart is still the same. RS and F.’

Searsha: a minipet, a Draenorc female from Asliasa. Flavor text remains when you hover over her in your tab.
Flavor text: It seems as though The Huntress was a mother. The child came out of the home after her death and you have resolved to give her a good life. It’s possible her father is looking for her, for she seems to look out her window late at night.


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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Azunara » Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:16 pm

Aaaw, Kira...

Okay, why are all the fights so frakking sad? D: Also! Solara! >.>))

??+ Elite, Aggressive mob. Solara <Champion of the Dusk>

Location: Hinterlands ((My favorite zone ever.)). She is located in Seradane, in a largish cave. 85+ mobs patrol about, either called, "Scarab's Minions" <Dusk> or "Corrupted Dawn" <Dusk>. They are neutral, but once one is killed, they will all become aggressive. Inside the cave, it has a Stockades layout, looking more or less like this.

Boss Boss
--- ----- ---- ---- ----- (End Boss)
Boss Boss Boss

Prior to her are the following bosses: Gamin, Thunder, Seventeen, Buzzard, Solara, then Scarab follows after Sol. Raid instance is called, "Cavern of Shadows." Room names are as follows: "Gamin's Den", "Thunder's Cave", "Seventeen's Lair", "Buzzard's Roost", "Solara's Nest" and "Insins' Lab".

Appearance: Think a Wintersaber Pridelord in coloration and build. Her underbelly is electric blue, and she has lavender stripes all over her body as well. Red crystals float off her forehead and around her twin tails. I do not, in any way, shape, or form, claim credit for this artwork. It is entirely the idea of LupisDarkmoon. ... -187982048

Stage One: Solid Form (100% to 63%)

Normally, you go in and just fight her. However, Hard Mode is activated when you have either the two items in ANYONE's inventory. "Soundwave's Carapace" or "Buzzard's Talon." If you have either, Solara will enrage the entire fight and will have extra abilities. In this form, she will look normal. She's fairly tank and spank. Interrupt her Hyper Beams or else.

Stage Two: Phased Form (63% to 0%)

In this phase, Sol will gain numerous new fun attacks. It becomes a heavy DPS race. Nuke her down or you will wipe. She will place two pools, one full of yay-ness and one full of oh-no-nastiness. Obviously, the good stuff will do good things. Bad things the opposite. She will summon a "Scarab's Minon" <Dusk> or a "Corrupted Dawn" <Dusk> every 45 seconds. She will also "phase" or essentially become intangible. She will take little damage from Physical, but spell damage will be increased. Shadow attacks will tear her up considerably. ((Love your locks, folks!))

Attacks (Form One):

Swipe: AoE Melee cleave. Pretty typical. You know.
Psybeam: Moderate spell damage attack.
Grass Knot: Roots the player in place. Does a DoT that changes. Clothies won't be hurt too badly, leatheries will be hurt more, mailies even more, and platies will be hurt considerably by the DoT.
Hyper Beam: Interruptable one shot.
Summon Dusk: She will only use this in Form One if people try to leave the room.
(Hardmode) Psychic Pulse: Powerful AoE attack.

Attacks Form Two:

Phase: Enters the mental plane partially, becoming intangible and taking decreased physical damage. Spell damage is increased, and Shadow Damage are will crit automatically.
Summon Dusk: Every 45 seconds, summons a Dusk. Hardmode: (Two Dusk every 45 seconds.)
Solar Wrath: Pool of red glowing nasty, which will do an extremely powerful DoT to both user and anyone in it.
Solar Relief: Pool of yellow glowing yay-ness, which will do an extremely powerful HoT to both user and anyone in it.
Hyper Beam: See above.
Swipe: See above.
Psybeam: See above.
(Hardmode) Psychic Pulse: Powerful AoE attack.


Hardmode Activation: "S...Soundwave? Buzzard? What? No! You killed my family, now I will tear you apart!"
Aggro: "They lied to me! They betrayed me! Only the Dusk showed me trust!"
Summon Dusk: "Dusk! Aid your champion!"
Grass Knot: "Whoops! Don't get tangled up!"
Psychic Pulse: "All of you will perish!"
Death of a player: "Looks like the Dawn failed again!"
Death of a player (Alt.): "For the Dusk!"
Raid Wipe: "The Dusk always finishes the Dawn and overpowers the Sunrise. Never forget our power. We will win this war."
Death: "Scarab, Buzzard, Soundwave....Forgive me, I go to see Shadwyn now..."
Death (Hardmode:) "No! I...failed my family...Why does it end like this...?"


Blazing Sun
(caster staff)

Solara's Pelt
(melee dps cloak)
"It's warm, like the sun is always shining on it."
<Effect: Hardmodes for Buzzard and Soundwave will be activated upon wearing it.>

Red Collar
"There's a tag on it. It reads "D29."
<Effect: When worn, you will gain a Buff that says, "Dusk." It will make you friendly to the "Scarab's Minions" and "Corrupted Dawn" outside of the instance."

Claw of the Fallen Psyceon:
(Tanky Sword)

An Overripe Berry
Summons a purple wisp with flamey effects named Aralos. (Ghastly, really.)
"It's very sour."

Animations: Hovers about the owner's head, then drops back to normal flight height. She'll also run and act really excited around another mini-pet. Occasionally, she'll offer the owner a small berry.
Seeing a Charrosaurling (spelling?): "Eeee! Brother! It is you! It's me, I'm alive! Don't ever leave me again.
Berry: "The small spirit offers you a berry. You're still not sure how she holds it."
Hovering: "Wheee! I can almost touch the sun!"
Seeing a Cranivee: "Sister! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Can you forgive me? Please? I don't want to lose everything again..."

End Bit:

When Solara is dead, another NPC will spawn. Her name will be Aralos and she will be a purple-y wisp with flame effects, like the mini pet that rarely drops. She will have the following dialogue with you.

Aralos: "Everything hurts..."
Player: "Who are you?"
Aralos: "I...I don't know. I can't remember anything. Nothing. Arceus, help me."
Player: "Do you need help?"
Aralos: "No, no...Please...I have to find someone. Many people. Soundwave. Buzzard. Ghost Girl. I have to find them. Do you know where they are?"
Player: "No, I'm sorry."
<Aralos gives a quiet pained cry. The red collar you saw on the fallen psyceon is around the wisp, and you're not sure how, but she's holding a berry. You can tell she won't say anything more. She seems very scared.>

After a minute, Aralos will despawn.
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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Lupis » Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:25 pm

Oh gods. That one was sad too. ;_;
Now I want to write a Buzzard and a Scarab boss, too. After Faron.

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Azunara » Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:32 pm

Yes, yes, yes! Do a Buzzard and Scarab! :D

And yeah...I felt so awful writing this up. My poor psyceon...

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Lupis » Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:50 pm

<Twilight Thunder Lord>

Location: Silithus, on a floating rock platform above a Twilight camp.
Details: The platform is quite large and covered with boulders. A thunderstorm brews above it, lightning sometimes flashing down to strike Faron. The wolf is standing on top of a tall boulder in the center of the platform, the troll standing nearby.

Appearance: Faron looks like Skoll, while the troll (Vallrok) looks like a typical troll hunter. Vallrok is wearing the Riftstalker set. More lightning than usual crackles around Faron’s fur.

Stage 1, 100%-50%
-Simple tank and spank. Faron will attack the tank while Vallrok does medium ranged damage to random raid members. At random Faron will cast Storm, which is an AoE that must be avoided. Will also cast Chain Lightning and Thunder Bolt.
-At the end of the stage, he casts Blinding Flash.
-Spirit Bond is active throughout this stage.

Stage 2, 50%-40%
-Ranged DPS do everything. The ground is covered in electricity, with a few free patches a fair bit away from Faron. Vallrok stands on top of a boulder and continues randomly attacking raid members.
-Spirit Bond is active throughout this stage.
-Casts Blinding Flash at the end of the stage.

Stage 3, 40%-30%
-Melee DPS do everything. The land near him is clear, but all around that is lightning. All of the raid must cluster around him.
-Vallrok is still on top of the boulder. Casts AoE traps and Multi-shot at the raid.
-Randomly casts Relentless Gale, pushing all raid members back into the lightning. This can and must be avoided by moving behind one of several smaller rocks in the lightning-free area.
-Casts Blinding Flash at the end.

Stage 4, 30%-1%
-DPS race. Thunder storm starts in a ring around the area, closing in. He must be lowered to 1% before 1 minute passes. Vallrok jumps down and uses AoE traps and melee. Heavy rain starts, and lightning randomly strikes the ground after warning the raid members with a blue glow on the ground. Raid members begin to get pushed towards the storm by wind and must move forward.
-Stops at 1% health, the storm dies. Short monolog. Faron rises into the air and disappears in a flash of lightning.
-Spirit Bond fades.

Stage 5, 100%-0%
-Faron reappears as Faron, <Storm Ascendent>. He hovers in the air at first and casts Empowered Chain Lightning, dealing heavy damage. Vallrok shoots him out of the air, causing him to lower to the ground. He then attacks the tank in a typical Tank and Spank way, though he periodically casts lightning spells.

Storm: Creates a thunder cloud that deals massive AoE damage over 5 seconds. MUST be avoided. 30 second cooldown.
Chain Lightning: Spawns a thunder bolt that bounces from raid member to raid member, dealing medium damage. 2 second cast, 15 second cooldown.
Thunder Bolt: Shoots a bolt of lightning at the target, dealing heavy damage and stunning for 3 seconds. 3 second cast, 20 second cooldown.
Spirit Bond: Faron’s and Vallrok’s health pools are shared. However, damaging Vallrok will cause Faron to enrage for 10 seconds, dealing 200% more damage.
Blinding Flash: Blinds the raid, stunning them for 5 seconds and dealing light damage. Lowers hit chance and attack speed for 10 seconds.
Electric Earth: Creates a network of lightning bolts over the ground. Touching it deals heavy damage.
Electric Air: The air around Faron is electrified, dealing heavy damage every second.
Relentless Gale: Pushes the raid backwards.
Empowered Chain Lightning: Spawns a thunder bolt that bounces from raid member to raid member, dealing heavy damage. 1 second cast, 5 second cooldown.
Explosive Shot: Deals heavy damage to a random target. 25 second cooldown.
Serpent Sting: Poison DoT dealing medium damage over 9 seconds. 9 second cooldown.
Multi-shot: Hits several members of the raid, dealing medium damage. 30 second cooldown.
Explosive Trap: AoE dealing medium damage plus a low damage DoT over 7 seconds.

On aggro: What is this? You dare attack me? Very well, feel the wrath of the skies!
First Blinding Flash: Hmph! How do you fight without the very ground you stand on?
Second Blinding Flash: RAH! The air betrays you!
Third Blinding Flash: My storms will cage you in!
End of stage 4: *Howls in pain* Wait! Curse you... Y’krath k’thon’grlok lor’kna’fsharak! THE STORM CONSUMES!
Beginning of stage 5: You dare face the Chosen of the Old Ones?! Die! DIE!
Vallrok(Shooting down Faron): Joo! BAD DOGGEH!
On killing a player: I only save you from Deathwing’s wrath!
On killing a player(alt): Do the Old Ones haunt you in death, as they would haunt me?
On killing a player(alt): A sacrifice to you, masters!
Death Monolog
Faron: NO! This grants no freedom! They haunt me in... d... Daphne...
Vallrok: Ahm sorreh, Faron. Ah know what ja gone through. Now joo be restin’.

Pelt of the Lightning Wolf
Leather melee DPS chest.

Crackling Fang
Tank trinket

Shattered Arrow
Healer trinket, rare drop.
Flavor text: “This arrow has been broken in half. A wolf is carved on the remaining half.”

Gnoll Skull
Tank plate hat
Flavor Text: “Small cracks and lines cover it, along with a fine layer of dried blood.”

Lilac’s Whistle
Mini pet, rare drop
Calls an Ashtail-like fox to your side.
Flavor text: It keeps staring at you, and it never seems to blink...

Gambit’s Whistle
Mini pet, rare drop
Calls a brown worg to your side.
Flavor text: A sad look is in the eyes of this hound.

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Azunara » Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:59 pm



My characters hate him. The part of me that controls my character should hate him. And yet this fight makes me so sad...These fights are making me depressed. We need more redemption! More heroism! Now! To balance it all out!

...Ohgods. I didn't even think about Buzzard's death properly. *goes to get tissues.* I love Buzzard...

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Re: Your Boss Fight

Unread post by Lupis » Tue Feb 22, 2011 9:19 pm

I'm not *good* at redemption! D-:
Here. To make it all nice, I'll have something happy happen to Scarab. (Although, that'll need an edit to your post, sorry. >.< If you could chance "Scarab's Carapace" to "Scarab's Scythe"...)
...And now to post another really depressing one! Yaaaay! (Actually, there's a drop that makes it happier. See? I'm even trying to be happy! Personally, I think it's adorable!)

<Champion of the Dusk>

Location: ((Totally copy-pasted from Azu! I’m lazy!)) Hinterlands. He is located in Seradane, in a largish cave. 85+ mobs patrol about, either called, "Scarab's Minions" <Dusk> or "Corrupted Dawn" <Dusk>. They are neutral, but once one is killed, they will all become aggressive. Inside the cave, it has a Stockades layout, looking more or less like this.
Boss Boss
--- ----- ---- ---- ----- (End Boss)
Boss Boss Boss
Prior to him are the following bosses: Gamin, Thunder, Seventeen. Solara and Scarab follow after him. Raid instance is called, "Cavern of Shadows." Room names are as follows: "Gamin's Den", "Thunder's Cave", "Seventeen's Lair", "Buzzard's Roost", "Solara's Nest" and "Insins' Lab".

Appearance: A very large, Tyrannosaurus Rex like creature with dragon wings. His scales are dark grey, the skin in between them glowing orange. Fire spreads in a line from the tip of his tail, up his spine, to his head. It then forms a crown over his two backwards swept horns.

Stage 1: 100%-66%
-He’s found laying down, neutral. He will stay like this until attacked UNLESS someone in the raid has the item “Solara’s Pelt.” If this item is in the raid, then hard mode will be activated and he will attack with an extra damage buff.
Once attacked he can be tanked. However, he casts a debuff called Melted Armor on the tank that must have its damage mitigated. It then causes a debuff called Melted Flesh on the raid members hit with the attack, causing them to take 400% fire damage. Tanks switch off and the second group must take the debuff. (Think Meteor Strike.)
-Casts Flamethrower as an AoE cone and Fire Spin on random raid members.
-Casts Purgatory at the end of the stage.
(On Hard Mode, casts Purgatory twice, and Melted Flesh lasts longer, so the raid group that next takes the debuff takes extra damage for a few seconds.)

Stage 2: 66%-33%
-Takes to the air and flies around the group, swooping down to attack random raid members with Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw.
-Sometimes casts Fire Blast as an AoE.
-Stacks a damage buff over time, DPS Race.
(On Hard Mode, the damage buff stacks twice as fast.)

Stage 3: 33%-1%
-Dives at raid member with the highest threat, dealing crushing damage. Can then be taunted by the tank. Uses Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Fire Spin and both Claw attacks.
-Summons “Spirit of Carrion” <Buzzard’s Brother> and “Spirit of Vulture” <Buzzard’s Brother> at 1%, gaining a damage-absorbing shield. Begins building up a massive Hellfire attack, 1 minute charge time. Both spirits must be killed before that time is up. Once killed the shield drops, Buzzard is healed up to 10%.
(On Hard Mode, the charge time of Hellfire is 45 seconds and the spirits stack damage buffs as they get lower on health.)

Stage 4: 10%-0%
-Stands in the middle of the room and casts Horrific Purgatory, dealing large damage to the entire raid. DPS race and mana race.
(On Hard Mode, drains mana from the group.)

Melted Armor: Cast on the tank, dealing crushing damage if not mitigated. Deals medium damage to all affected IF mitigated. Also leaves the debuff Melted Flesh. 20 second cooldown.
Melted Flesh: Increases fire damage taken by 400% for 20 seconds. (Hard mode, lasts 23 seconds.)
Flamethrower: AoE cone attack, dealing medium damage to any in the way. Can be avoided by all but the tank. 25 second cooldown.
Fire Spin: Fire damage DoT cast on a random raid member, dealing light fire damage over 15 seconds.
Purgatory: Deals heavy fire damage to all raid members and leaves a fire DoT on all members, dealing medium damage over 10 seconds.
Shadow Claw: Deals light damage and leaves a heavy damage debuff lasting 9 seconds. Lowers damage done by 50% for 9 seconds.
Dragon Claw: Heavy damage attack.
Fire Blast: AoE that deals heavy damage over 10 seconds. 25 second cooldown. Can and should be avoided.
Roaring Flames: Damage buff cast on self, increasing damage done by 10%. Stacked over time. (Stacks twice as fast on Hard mode.)
Hellfire: Instantly kills all raid members if cast, 1 minute cast time. (45 second cast time on Hard mode.)
Horrific Purgatory: Large damage DoT on the entire raid, lasts until death. (Drains mana on Hard mode.)

Gamin Killed: *Growls* You’ll pay for that, whelps.
Thunder Killed: *Growls* Another? Do you think you can kill us?
Seventeen Killed: *Roars* COME, FACE ME!
Hard Mode active: *Screaming roar* SISTER, NO! You... will... PAY!
Purgatory: The flames of rage will eat at your bones!
Stage 2: The day fire falls from the sky is the day you meet your end!
Stage 3: DIE, DAMN YOU!
Spirits summoned: Meet my brothers, slain by your careless hands!
Hellfire cast: BURN!
Spirits slain: NO! Not again!
Stage 4: My... flames... will... eat... you... alive! *Drawn out roar*
Wipes the raid: Pathetic. The sun will always fall to Dusk.
Kills a player: Burnt to a crisp, as you all will be.
Death: No!!! Scarab, Solara... my only family... save... yoursel....
Death (Hard Mode): Vulture... Carrion... Tell Solara to... r....


Fire Dragon’s Wing
Tank shield

Buzzard’s Talon
Melee DPS dagger
Flavor text: “The talon glows with caged fire.”
<Effect: Hardmode for Solara activated upon equipping.>

Carrion’s Crystal Shard
Healer off-hand
Flavor text: “It’s charred, but one can see a life-like spark in the center of this shard.

Flaming Horn Crown
DPS caster cloth hat

Strange Burning Egg
Mini pet, very rare drop.
Summons a Buzzard-esque whelping.
Flavor Text: You could have sworn that this egg wasn’t here before...
Notes: This mini pet whispers to you, has a random emote, and reacts to another mini pet. It also randomly pulses out smoke and flames.
Emote: Charrosaurling looks around, as if looking for something that should be beside it.
Emote (alt): Upon seeing Aralos, the Charrosaurling screeches joyfully and flies towards it!
Whisper to owner of Aralos: Take care of sister!
Whisper: Sparks? Fire? Fire now. (Followed by smoke/flames animation.)
Whisper: Look! Kitty...
Whisper: ...Sun. Like sun.
Whisper: BUG! Bug, bug. Scarab-bug?
Whisper: Want to... fly. Want to... burn.

Amulet of Lost Family
Statless necklace
Summons Spirit of Vulture and Spirit of Carrion to aid you for ten minutes.

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