What is the best pet?

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What is the best pet?

Unread post by O_G_T » Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:59 pm

Hello, my question was if anyone knows any pets that stand out from others, and I will say is that all pets are the same, but I preguntava if anyone knows of any special claim to it and let me stand out.

If not, I could recommend any in particular.

PS: I am Spanish and my English is not good xD so this is translated with Google translator not sure there will be something that does not translate all good.Yo read the forum xD thus, would not be anything wrong that would be in petopia Spanish

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Re: What is the best pet?

Unread post by Sokujo » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:11 pm

Should I reply in Spanish?

Well, anyway.... There are different pets for different situations. So asking what the "best pet is" without really defining a "for what purpose" is a pretty broad question that will get you a different answer from everyone.

But here is my 2 cents worth.

1. The very best pet is the one you like the most.
2. In my opinion, the best all around solo and instance...... "leveling pet" would be the bear. The bear grabs and holds agro, For "leveling" it does great damage, it has the second best aoe in the game with the fastest cooldown and being as it's tenacity it has great survivability.
3. For aoe farming at any level.... the croc.
4. For pure raid, single target DPS..... this is disputed heavily, I would say Devilsaur
5. For best hunter DPS..... wolf hands down

So as you can see, it really depends on what you need and what situation your in and what compliments your play style or at the end of the day again, they're not too different, so what ever pet you like the best :)


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Re: What is the best pet?

Unread post by O_G_T » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:18 pm

does not need to answer in Spanish xD

And for PVP I recommend some?

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Re: What is the best pet?

Unread post by Nikrosnil » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:21 pm

Ah, estás español?

Hablo un poco, pero no mucho español.

I'll type this post, and then try to translate it.
Voy a escribir este mensaje en español también.

Wolves boost your DPS (damage per second), so they are favoured as pets after level 80.
Lobos aumentar su DPS (daño por segundo), son las mascotas preferidas después de nivel 80.

However, If you are merely levelling, then there is not much of a difference.
Pero si tu todavía está en un nivel inferior a 80, no esta una gran diferencia.

Basically pick the pet you like the look of! Here is a link to the hunter pets you can tame:
Elige la mascota que se ve bien a usted. Aquí es un sitio web que contiene todas las mascotas Domesticable en el mundo de Warcraft:


Hope that helps. ^^

Edit: Bears and other Tenacity pets are better for levelling, and Wolves are better for DPS in PVP.


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Re: What is the best pet?

Unread post by Dragonpuff » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:24 pm

PVP wise, there are several different good pets, depending on your playstyle. For instance, Spiders Web ability will lock an enemy player in place, giving you open time to just shoot it down. Pets with range attack abilities can get to healers trying to hide in out of the way spots. If you want to compare all the pets abilities and go by that, Petopia has a great page: http://www.wow-petopia.com/html/skills/ ... ompare.php ;)

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Re: What is the best pet?

Unread post by Valther » Tue Jan 19, 2010 3:01 pm

Mmm... If you are a BM spiders are a bad choice because you can take Silith that get the target in the place and poison him. But for PvP the pets that is best do not exist, depend on the situation.

If you are MM i think that a good choice is Birds of Prey for the doble disarm combo (scorpid sting+chimera shot+snatch).

For survival i think crab is a very good choice, (pin+frozen arrow+2 explosive shots) and the target is dead.

But like i say before, for BMs you need a stable full of diferent options (that do not help in arenas haha).

I think that you need to ask to Sokujo, because she has the most beautiful female Troll avatar that i have see hahaha.

I love it.

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