Today's build, we got some buffs

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Re: Today's build, we got some buffs

Unread post by Slickrock » Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:00 pm

Banard wrote:
Slickrock wrote: Likely you will want Fervor if you want to take MoC

This is false, Dire beast with Crows for Surv is showing higher numbers. Now it can be like live, where Fervor does more performance wise (due to having control over DPS burst) while dire beast does more on paper but that is yet to be scene and depends on the boss encounters.

But with that trinket making BM the optimal spec, folks will pick dire beast and blink .

Lynx is dead, been dead since the nerf and unless we see another buff will remain dead.

What I was getting at was for actual gameplay, due to the high focus cost of MoC, you likely are going to want Fervor paired with it so you can pop it prior to MoC. Otherwise MoC can really alter your rotation to build up enough focus, and potentially loose dps if you are waiting for enough focus to use it. DireBeast may sim better, but if you don't reproduce that shot priority in actual gameplay, then you could be looking at a dps loss.

But yeah, the Direbeast paced focus regen, plus the passive action of Blink, is a great combo.
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Re: Today's build, we got some buffs

Unread post by Danielfboone » Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:14 pm

I'm seeing Lynx and AMoC sim out as just about equal when paired with Dire Beast. Dire beast does sim better than Fervor. I'm not sure why my first results showed different. Maybe it was because the first results were done with no buffs.

Blink Strikes is about 1% behind but I think it's passive nature and no focus cost could actually make it better in real time. I just don't like AMoC because it makes me watch focus too much which in my playstyle, with a rotation macro, I usually don't pay much attention to. The new increased focus cost of Arcane may make me have to switch things up a bit. Currently, the macro keeps me from ever being out of focus without even having to look and gets Kill Command off right on cooldown almost every time. Maybe I'll have to delay Glaive Toss a few times now.

I like that trinket since I'm BM first and foremost.