Need some help and ideas for a character on RP sever

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Need some help and ideas for a character on RP sever

Unread post by Qinni » Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:20 pm

I started a anther RP toon on Wyrmrest Accord and I think I might need some help. I usually play things like Tauren since it easier to play as tribal nomad but this new toon is a Blood Elf. So far all I got is that his name is Saraius and he is a hunter who is a scrap junky. (will be doing engineering) Few of my questions are related to his family etc.

What I wanted to know/questions to ask:

Can blood elves be bastards? (is it okay to even say that word even if I'm using it in the correct way? I could just say "John Snow" as its replacement :P) I would assume so and if yes then would other elves shun him in some way?
Can he laid back and sorta not well spoken? Not like a noble elf but more common and knows what hard work means. I know he didn't get into trouble to the point where he knew hunger (starving to death) but his family always did just enough to put food on the table.
Are goblins the type to be friends? There has to be some nice goblins out there not matter how much gold, they still know right from wrong. I'm asking this because it be kinda cool if he had a goblin friend that taught him rather then going threw the trainers or something like that. Doesn't have to be a goblin though but was just something I felt like adding.
Seem to be having trouble on a sir name for him. Should it be him and his mother or him and his father? Would it make sense for the mother to hide so she isn't shamed for having a kid out of wed lock? Should his parents follow the formula of: one commoner and a noble? Or it that going to be a 'Mary Sue'?
Then what reasons would there be for him to become a hunter? I few of my ideas is for proving all the nay sayers that he is worth something.

I know he isn't the type of show off and threw out growing up, he was able to shake off all the insults but sometimes they build up ya know? Maybe him becoming a hunter isn't just for him but his parent as well. Not to just make a name for himself but more like "even the small can become the mighty" or something like that. Like I said before. His personally is the equivalent of our average joe today, just trying to get by and live life as much as he can. When an opportunity opens up he just might take it without consideration.

Still working out a few things but eh. I really would like to try and RP as an elf. My ideas are usually just 'ok' when it comes to making characters.

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Re: Need some help and ideas for a character on RP sever

Unread post by Niabi » Tue Oct 20, 2015 6:48 am

I've never heard anything lore-related that would justify Blood Elves shaming bastard children. I do know that they would more than likely shun Blood Elves that weren't of pure blood, so as long as your Blood Elf decends from two other Blood Elves/High Elves, I don't see any reason why your character shouldn't be accepted. I suppose there would be turmoil if the birth conflicted with an individual Blood Elf's moral beliefs (like the grandparents for example).

Blood Elves, in general, are thought to be ego-centric, but like with anything there are exceptions. I feel personally, that the majority have had to adapt and change their old prejudices ever since the seperation from the Alliance (I think it was during the Second War). This change was necessary for the Bood Elves to make everlasting peace with their once-sworn-enemies, the Horde. A friendship between Saraius and a goblin would be rather poetic in this sense, although extremely rare. It could be that Saraius feels a deeper connection to the goblin society, much in the same way an adopted child feels toward the person(s) that raised them. A goblin would certainly encourage a lifestyle of hunting and engineering, since both would provide lucrative means of income for survival.

As an idea, you could have the father disown/not acknowledge Saraius and have the mother die at some point during his young life. A lonely goblin merchant finds him, adopts him, raises him, and teaches him engineering and hunting. The circumstances explaining why the father disowns him, how his mother dies, and how the goblin came to be lonely is all up to you and how you want to flesh out each character's own personality and backstory.

Hopefully you find some of this information helpful. Let us know how Saraius's story progresses!

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Re: Need some help and ideas for a character on RP sever

Unread post by Karathyriel » Fri Oct 23, 2015 11:16 am

I used to play a Blood Elf hunter myself.
He also was different to the typical Blood Elf.

As a child, he kept sneaking off into the woods, came home all dirty and scratched by the animals he tried to catch.
He found a young lynx by the side of a dead lynx mother, being the only survivior of all the cubs, so he dragged him home, kept him near the stables and tried to raise him.
Naturally, his father found out and freaked out about his oldest sons behaviour, as the younger brother had already been accepted to blood knight training while the rangers had no interest in my hunter, as he was more interested in the animals of the wild than being a scout and archer.
The father told him to decide between the lynx cub and his family and so, full of rage, he packed some stuff, turned his back and left.
Of course, being untrained and inexperienced, he had more than some trouble surving out there on his own. He wandered around aimlesly and ended up in silverpine forest, halve starved and worn out.
That was the first time he ever saw a Tauren. A huge, mighty creature who fought some red clad humans. For each human that fell, two more seemed to join the fight, so the chances for the Tauren, wielding a huge axe, seemed to be dwindling. Without even knowing why, he joined the Tauren by shooting arrows at the humans and thy lynx stormed in to help the Tauren as well.
After the fight, the warrior thanked the elf and, as he now owed him his life, offered him to be his blood brother. Not really knowing what that meant, the Elf accepted.
So they all went to Mulgore and in an old ritus the Elf and the Tauren mixed their blood and became brothers. This also meant that the Elf now was a member of the tribe, so he no longer had to worry about finding food. And, of course, as a member of the tribe, he now got his training. Training as a hunter but tauren style, only taking what is needed in honor of the Earthmother. Trained in the way of the ancestors, the spirits and the elements. He became, so to speak, a Tauren.

So, yes, although I would have some trouble bringing engineering and hunting together, it might work for you. Why not?
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Re: Need some help and ideas for a character on RP sever

Unread post by SylviaDragon » Sat Oct 24, 2015 9:23 pm

Well there are always acceptations in every society. And I don’t personally think referring to him as a Bastard in its true terms is crossing a line. Characters are not supposed to live in a perfect world after all. Just be flexible if you rp with someone and they mention feeling uncomfortable about it. And being laid back or not well spoken is perfectly fine. not everyone gets to grow up as a noble and if it fits his background/personality. then go for it.

I can imagine plenty of reasons for why he and his parent would not be in good standing. You could go the traditional route of a peasant and a noble who loved each other but were driven apart by an unapproving family. Or maybe the one with higher standing was having a secret affair with the other and did not come clean until they found out they were going to have a kid so they broke it off and refused to be there to help raise him. Not being a pureblooded elf could also cause some of the shunning you are looking for. Or maybe one of the parents came from a bloodline that was just in bad standing with the community/ were known for unsavory acts.
you can do lots of stuff with the missing parent too. if they are alive, how would he feel about the absent parent? would he be angry? would he want to reach out? would reaching out be dangerous?
if they are dead, does he know? is it a mystery that gnaws at him? an injustice that haunts him? or does he think they had it coming?

Having him stay with his father would probably be a more uncommon and thus more interesting choice in this situation but there are more easily connected plot points if he was raised by his mother. She would probably get more flack than his father would, like you said. It also opens up some reasoning behind the goblin and your character being a hunter.
If the parent he is living with was a commoner, maybe they are struggling to find work that pays enough to keep them afloat because they could never afford to get proper training/schooling and thus have fewer options open to them. Or maybe if it was the mother she was greatly weakened by childbirth and suffers complications that require expensive treatment: thus the financial issues.

as for the goblin i could see two reasonable options. Once again, there are always acceptations to what is basically the stereotype. My first thought is maybe this goblin is old and disabled. He ran a profitable repair shop until he was hurt in a mechanical accident and his own sons left him to fend for himself so they could chase after a better business.
Perhaps your character came in looking for work and ended up going the extra mile to help the disabled goblin. They hit it off, one drawn towards having some sort of father figure in his life and the other taken by surprise by the selflessness of the elf.
Another angle could be that the goblin was a kid of about the same age as your character who had also fallen on hard times. The two kids entered a "partnership" to help each other out by looking for work together/learning to repair things, ect. They have seen each other through thick and thin and their business partnership evolved into an uncommon friendship.

As for being a hunter, i imagine that between being shunned by the other elves and knowing his parent has a hard time making ends meet, learning to hunt for food and skins/ finding companionship among the wild animals would be very appealing to him. After all, animals don’t judge and the forest is quiet and void of the accusations of his peers. There is also the opportunity to create a sense of risk this way if he is hunting to make ends meet. there could be dangerous things in the woods, he may not have properer training or he could be arrested for poaching, ect.


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