List of Confirmed pets [All accounted for!]

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List of Confirmed pets [All accounted for!]

Unread post by Vephriel » Mon Jul 12, 2010 4:10 pm

This is intended to be a resource page specifically addressing unique or endangered skins that were feared to be gone in Cataclysm.

The list is far from comprehensive, and it's constantly updated as I get new information. If you have any new information please PM me links to sources and confirmations and I'll update this post. If there's a specific skin that I have not covered and that you wish to know about I can add it at the bottom for beta testers to confirm if they are able to.

If you're looking for newly tameable pets, check out the Cataclysm information page on Petopia:

Image MIA/Has not been seen yet

Image Confirmed to Exist
Image - A new breed named Swampstrider can now be found in the Swamp of Sorrows. (EDIT: Strider Clutchmother is safe too!)
Image - Echeyakee is still safe and sound. Sian-Rotam confirmed as well.
Image - Uhk'loc still exists.
Image - The Blue Hyenas have relocated to Tanaris. Snort is confirmed to still roam his original location.
Image - Lioness skins are now used in The Barrens. (unsure about Araga specifically)
Image - The Diseased Black Bear has been confirmed to be tameable in the Western Plaguelands.
Image - Pink Tallstriders can now be found in The Barrens. Mazzranache confirmed as well.
Image - Green Raptors still populate The Wetlands.
Image - Ghost Sabers can still be summoned from figurines in Darkshore.
Image - Plagued Swine are still in the Eastern Plaguelands.
Image - Shy-Rotam is confirmed to still exist.
Image - Grubthor is alive and kick-...erm, squirming.
ImageImageImage - Armored Boars are safe as well.
Image - Old Cliff Jumper has been confirmed to still exist at his old location!
Image - Hakkari Wind Serpents have been found in the Swamp of Sorrows that uses the red model. No word on Azzere yet.
Image - No longer residents in Scarlet Monastery, however there's a new rare named Slaverjaw in Tanaris and other red hyenas in Uldum.
Image - The Teal Scorpids live!!! They've been seen in Thousand Needles.
Image - Tan Silithid is confirmed.
Image - The Beast is still tameable however he does NOT KEEP his ?? Boss status. (other red core hounds are still available as well) Magmadar will be tameable and have a Boss tag.
Image - Flesh Eating Worms in Duskwood are now tameable (and replace the missing ones in Sunken Temple)
Image - Murk Spitters are still in the Sunken Temple, outside of the instance portal, so unaffected by the dungeon changes.

Image Unsure/Need Confirmation ???
None! :D