A minor complaint!

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A minor complaint!

Unread post by Yaone » Mon Aug 06, 2012 2:39 am

I haven't broke down the wild pets completely yet for numbers of each type, but it seems that there is an absolute ton of certain wild battle pets (I.G., moths and spiders). Yet there are some families that have only a couple like wolves.

Mind you, I don't mind having many spiders or moths, but with how many skins there are vs. how many you can catch it just seems a little redundant, especially when there are so many unused skins of certain families that would make wonderful battle pets.

I'm looking at you, Haris Pilton, give me Tinkerbell! Oh, I wouldn't mind having Stanley either, before the horde poisoned him and had to kill him! Maybe I can steal Foxy in Howling Fjord.

Yes, I really want a small bouncy wolf, badly, so please excuse my mini rant...