Rampant Zuldazar Phasing (Not Really Spoilers?)

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Rampant Zuldazar Phasing (Not Really Spoilers?)

Unread post by PrimalTazza » Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:58 am

A lot of areas in Zuldazar will phase and become infested with hostile mobs after a certain point in the quests. I highly, HIGHLY encourage a little exploration before you get into the meat of the questing. It feels like most of the zone becomes irrevocably changed, kind of like Karabor getting covered in burning corpses and grieving draenei in WoD. I feel like you can expect this in the other zones too, but I haven't jumped into those yet.

P.S. Blizzard pls let us choose what phase of an area we're in

Edit: To add on to this, weirdly enough, once you hit this questing critical mass, the ENTIRE ZONE seems to change at once, not just pieces at a time like you might expect. I ended up spoiling myself a teensy bit (I already knew what was coming) laughably easily by going two or three feet off the path the quest had laid out for me.


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